A mth in NETS ~❤

Time pass really super fast. It had been almost a month since i join NETS.

I had been away from the call centre environment for almost a year. Even thought , i dont really like the management over at Singtel – WDA , the days there was super fun.Esp with my whole bunch of crazy and fun friends. They simply make each working day a more fun filled day. Simply miss days over there.

I took awhile to adjust myself back to desk-bound job and standard working hours. Being self- employed for almost a year, i am so use to waking up in the late morning, going to work as and when i like. Most important, I am earning a lot more there. All i say is , i had not put in enough effort to maintain my agent license. In deed , this is a big and hard lesson learnt.

I really have to thanks god for blessing me and giving you to me . This year was in deed a rough year for me. Thanks for standing strong by my side , supporting me and accompanying me through all these. You gave me the strength and the willpower to continue fighting on regardless what is blocking in front of me !! One day i will slay all monsters on my this path and i will craft out a path of smoothness and success. I believe all these obstacles is a learning journey for me , a journey to polish myself up to become a better person.

For all the friends who cares alot for me. I am well at NETS. At this moment , there is still alot for me to learns. I will try my best to excel as much as possible. I am still trying to blend in to the culture here.

Hubby is super sweet. He told me that he doesn’t want me to do more OT and night shift cause he don’t want me too xin ku and overwork. But i am feeling super guilty as hubby is taking up more design projects in order to save more for our future.

Other then i had almost settle down with my job now.

I am going back to school !! It had been long since i left NYP n MIS. Even when i am in MIS , I am still having slight depression and doesn’t dare to interact with my class mates. This is really a big hurdle for me as i cant really concentrate on my studies as while as to do projects with people. For this time , I will try my very best to overcome all the fears i have toward school.

Truly and sincerely hoping thing will turn better for the next half of the year !!
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