Bangkok Biz Planning Trip (4-6 Feb) PART 2~❤


Finally Shopping Time !!
We woke up at 10 plus.Before we start our shopping trip. We headed for the Free breakfast at the hotel.Since the breakfast will end at 11pm.There not much a spread that was left for us.We just grab whatever they had for a quick breakfast and headed for shopping !!
The 1st stop , Platinum Fashion Mall. Did lots of shopping with my girls, so not much photos is taken.
Around noon, Debbie and Yiming join us at platinum mall for more shopping.

Since it was me , yy , debbie and yiming 1st time in bangkok , we decided to explore more areas while the rest of the girls stay in Platimum Mall to continue their shopping.

2nd Stop , MBK .. It was super huge that we does not know where to start shopping from.So we decided to start from the top floor. As we make our way up, we saw that the mall were having a free ice tea for tourist. It came just in time to quest our thirst.We went searching for the food court ” The fifth avenue

As we made our way to the food court. We came across a whole stretch of shop selling the local titbits.We went on testing the samples that were provided.We keep on taking the sample to eat.Lucky that all 4 of us bought quite a lot from the shop or not i think the sale person at the shop sure chased us out. hehes
Finally we found the food court.The concept was somehow like Mache. You will be given a card to clock in all your orders, and u pay at the check out counter. The food sold there were also at a higher price with better presentation .Took our free drink and sat to rest a while.

Time really flies, Yiming and YY need to go back to the hotel to do the fitting.Therefore, me and debbie decided to check out other places.

We went to Siam Discovery to get Naraya bags and shop around.

Not before we know , we need to head back to hotel for the company dinner @ Naj

After the wonderful dinner. We decided to head to bangkok night market to shop. i didnt really get anything over there.

Day 3 , Back to sin (:
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