Bangkok Biz Planning Trip (4-7 Feb) PART 1~❤

This was my 1st trip to bangkok. It was also my 1st company oversea trip. It also my 1st oversea trip without my parents.I had been looking forward to it so much and i am super excited.
Finally, the day finally came.
My sweetest hubby wanted to sent me off.Therefore,i meet hubby at his place before we head toward airport. I wanted to make a travel journey for my hello kitty that hubby bought for me.However,due to is a biz planning trip, i didnt take much photo for her.


Bangkok Trip2
Bangkok Trip 3
Met up with the rest of my colleagues in the airport for checking in.Me and hubby went to grab a waffles at ” POLA ” before we bid good bye to each other. I will sure miss him lots. My sweetest hubby messaged my boss asking her to take care of me in bkk as i am super blur. Even the sms was announced out to my team but i still love it to max. One thing i love about my team,we were very close and open to everything.It more like a family den just normal working colleagues.


After the 2 hour flight on Thai Airway , we finally touch down to bangkok.Due to our tight schedule , we headed directly to the hotel via the airport transfer arranged.
I am staying in Grand Central World.Due to some errors done to our booking.Some of us get our room upgraded to one room suite.I and my room mate , YY were one of the lucky one. After we complete the check in , we cant wait to check out our room. The moment we open the door,we go “OMG , IS DAM BIG ! ” Simply love the room.It was super spacious and well-furnished. We simply cant help taking picture of the hotel room.


 Living Room Area
Kitchen Area
View from our hotel room
After checking our the room and left our luggage. We headed to Amarin Shopping center ‘s food court for a quick lunch before the meeting. While ordering, we had a little interaction with the vendor, he was cute as he trying to teach us the correct pronounce . we ordered phai thai , it was delicious.
Headed back to office for meeting. We had soo much fun !! Simply love my team and organisation !!
After meeting , we had our free time. Boss decided to bring us for an team dinner in bangkok as well to navigate us around as most of my team is the 1st time in bangkok. Took BTS to Central World to shop as while as having our dinner at TAILING PLING. The food there were super nice and cheap too.. I love their Thai ice tea and tomyam soup (:
Headed back to the hotel to had a early rest
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