Bangkok Day4 ( 6Aug12 ) :Wat Pho , Wat Suthat~❤

After two days of shopping. It time for some sight-seeing and spiritual journey

We woke up super early in the morning to start off our journey to the various temples. We decided to travel by taxi as we were really tired after all the shopping and walking from the pass two day.

We decided to hail a cab from Asia Hotel. The man at the taxi services told us that if we hail a taxi outside to Wat Pho, it will only cost 100 bht but if via hotel one way it will be 400 bht. Thanks for giving us the information instead of insisting us to travel via hotel.

Finally we reached Wat Pho. Taxi Fare was 70 bht. We went to purchase our admission tickets.
Entrance fee is 100 bht. The main attraction of Wat Pho is the Big Reclining Budda. It really super super grand. We went one round taking pictures. We decided to walk another round. By then, the place were flooded by tourist. At the side of the temple, there a row of 108 bowls. It said to bring good luck to you if you drop coin into each of them. How can we miss that out.
There a small donation box , for you to donate. After that you can take the bowl of coins that provided and start the walk.

After that, we went to explore the rest of the temple.

Overall, it is worth to visit to see the grand reclining budda. But as for temple, we feel it was too commercialise. Advise : Do go early to avoid crowd.

The warmest scene i saw at wat pho

After visiting Wat Pho. We walked toward the Grand Palace. We were trying to find the main entrance. As we were making our way , we saw a group of locals enter through the side doors. We decided to check it out. A man came to approach us. He ask are we locals and commented that my hubby look like thai. He told us that the Grand Palace is closed for prayer for the locals.It will only reopen at 1pm. After that , he asked whether were we students ? we just told him that we were students. He inform us again that the Grand Palace is closed and open at 1pm.After that , he turned his attention to a tourist behind us. We still decide to find the main entrance in cause the man was trying to con us. As we make our way to the entrance. We heard an announcement from Grand Palace on their opening hours and time. They never indicate that they were close.I thinking the man trying to con us to somewhere else but heard we were students and was not interested in us. Soo lucky for us. We finally found the entrance. The guard stopped us as hubby was in his berms. They were very strict in the attire before we enter the palace. We decided to gave it a miss this time round. We will defiantly explore the grand palace on my next visit !!

Location: Maharat Road.

Close to the river (about a half mile south of the Grand Palace),

Old City (Rattanakosin)

Opening Hours: Daily 08:00 – 17:00 (Massage available until 18:00)

Next stop , Wat Suthat.

As plan , we took a taxi over to Wat Suthat. Taxi fare was 100 bht for the street opposite of Grand palace.

Wat Suthat was totally different from Wat Pho. It was alot more peaceful.There not much of tourist, it think just the two of us went we were there. The locals were doing their prayer at the main hall. After praying , we went around taking photos while hubby looking for the shop that sell amulets. After getting the amulets that hubby want to collect.

Admission Tickets

We decided to set off to our next station, Wat In.

We trying to hail down a taxi but unable to find one. We decided to walk around as we wait for a taxi.

We came across this chinese cafe around the corner. We decided to stop for our lunch. We were lucky that they do have the english verison menu.

80’s feel

Thai Ice Tea
The Thai ice tea was super sweet. I love it to max but hubby find it too sweet. He went on with diluting the Thai ice tea with water for both cup.Lucky, it still taste sweet after that. So can i image how sweet is it.

Green curry with Roti

At first , i thought Roti will be bread but it was serve as prata. I love the roti. It super crispy and fluffy. I dont think i able to get this texture anywhere in singapore. The green curry was abit too oily. Overall, It really nice.

Pork Burger Rice

Fish Cake
Food : ❤❤❤
Overall Rating : ❤❤❤
Total Spending : 280BHT

After the lunch, we went on with our journey. After much waiting , we managed to get a taxi to bring us to Wat Intharawihan.

Grand Swing

Taxi Meter Fare Chart
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