Bangkok Day5(7Aug12 ):Back to Singapore

This 5D4N bangkok was going to end within a blink of eyes. We were starting to miss bangkok.

We decided to rest more before we embark on the journey back home.

Attracted by the long queue everyday, we decided to gave the Japanese restaurant a try. Hubby went down to make reservation while i do the final packing and checking. He was rejected as they does not accept any reservation. Therefore, we went straight to the restaurant after checking out and left our luggages at the reception.

The Japanese restaurant,”Sushi Masa” is located at the entrance of Siam Sawana Hotel. The restaurant is kind of small. It was divided into two section, the main hall with the sushi counter and the other part of the restaurant with the preparation counter.

Mainly, they served sushi and sashimi. The choice was quite limited but you were be able to find special sushi like Foie gras sushi. They were selling the sushi by piece,so it does not come in 2 pieces as shown on the menu.

We ordered a few sushi , california roll and unagi rice with 2 cup of refillable cold green tea. They also serve a free side of wasabi cracker and free soup. The wait for the food was around 20 mins.We finished the cracker by the time the food came. When they served up the canifornia roll , i was shocked that it was really huge. I dont really like the canlifornia roll.There too much rice.
Next up , it was our sushi. The tamogo and kani sushi tasted normal . I like the salmon sushi as it super fresh and thick. The unagi was nice and thick too.Last but not least, the unagi don. I love the unagi don. The amount of unagi was generous and each pieces was thick and nice.

Overall, if you were a lover of sashimi and dont mind spending. It worth the wait and try.
After lunch,we decided to shop around the area before heading to the airport. We approach the bellboy to ask whether is there anything where we can shop. He gave us a list of shopping mall and direction. Thanks for being helpful. We told him that he were leaving for airport in half an hour time. He told us there might have traffic jam during the journey. We decided to listen to him and make our way to the airport. The bellboy stopped us and told us he will help us to hail a taxi. He was so thoughtful. He checked with us does we want to go by charted or meter as the price doesn’t different much. but it will be more expensive if there jam. We agreed with the charted service. He went out to hail a taxi for us. Withi
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