Bangkok Jam Thai’Rrific Food Fest

Bangkok Jam hosted a Thai Street Food Carnival, Thai’Rrific Food Fest, at their Marina Square outlet on 22 October 2015. It aims to celebrate the diversity of Thai street food you can find in the streets and markets of Bangkok.


I had been missing the street food in Bangkok as it had been almost 2 years since I last visited Bangkok.  Thanks to Thai’Rrific Food Fest, I managed to satisfy my craving for Thai Street Food and a fun-filled and tummy-filled evening with my bestie, Jia Hui.


Other then the iconic street food, Bangkok Jam brought in the popular transportation, Tuk-Tuk for us to experience and photo shoot. I regretted not taking a selfie with it as I was hungry and attracted to the variety of street food.


Thai’Rrific Food Fest not only satisfy  the tummy but they also sold  Bangkok related merchandise and even their BangKok Jam Coaster that found in the restaurants.

The Thai’Rrific Food Fest was spearheaded by Chef De Cuisine, Thongloy Wilaiwan, Bangkok Jam as he recreate iconic street food items from the Land of Smile.

We started off with Iconic Thai Street Foods like the Tod Man Pla (Thai Fish Cakes), Peek Gai Tod (Fried Chicken Mid-Joints with Thai Fish Sauce Marinade), Porpiah Tod (Deep-fried Spring Rolls) and many others.



The whole box-full of street food make me drool even now. I love the Peek Gai Tod the best as it was very addictive, perfect to go along with beer. The hot and crispy Porpiah Tod was my next favourite. However, the pandan chicken was a disappointment; the curry flavor was strong and have the powdery taste.

At Thai’Rrific Food Fest, they also have live station where the chefs demonstrate the skill and mastery of making Bangkok Jam’s signature Spicy Mango and Papaya Salads.



The Thai Spicy Mango Salad made a great appetizer to start the meal off. The spicy and sourish with the crunch from the mango help to open up our palate for more food.

We had Kuey Teow Reua, pork and beef Thai style dried Boat Noodles made famous by the boat noodles shops at Victory Monument for our main course.




The kick of spiciness in the piquant Red Tom Yam Soup was addictive. I had the whole bowl to myself.


Butterfly Pea is a flower that is frequently use as natural food coloring in making of the Nonya Kueh. In Bangkok, the Thai also utilise the Butterfly Pea into their cooking. The Butterly Pea Lime Drink is one of their signature beverage. The Butterfly Pea has powerful antioxidant blue proanthocyanidin. Thai women have used the juices of the Butterfly Pea, to promote dark, lustrous, thick hair.


Not forgetting to have a cup of Thai Ice Tea too.


Khanom Buang, crispy Thai crepes from the floating markets was being sold at Thai’Rrific Food Fest. Strips of crunchy coconut and with the thick coconut milk cream  sandwich in between of the crispy crepes is one dish you cannot miss.


Another traditional Thai dessert will be Luuk Chuup. Luuk Chuup is using cooked mung beans paste and shaping them into colorful fruits and vegetables. This is also one of my favourite Thai dessert, pretty and yummy.

Chef De Cuisine, Thongloy Wilaiwan re-created the famous Chatuchak Ai Tim Ma Praw (Coconut Shell Ice Cream), with toppings distinctively Thai, such as roasted peanuts, dried mango, jackfruit slices, lord chong (green chendol stripes), colorful rubies and many other local favorites.


Other then Coconut Ice Cream, there also thirst quenching ice popsicles that are a childhood memory of many Thai natives.


Bangkok Jam
Address: Marina Square, #02-105B/C (The Dining Edition)
Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs: 11:30am-3:30pm /5:30pm-9:30pm
Fri – Sun: 11:30am-9:30pm
Contact No : 6338 6632



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