Bento 1 : Starry Vegetarian Fried Rice ~❤

Ever since I bought all my bento tools. I get addicted in bento making. Sometime,I really wish I got the extra time to make lunch bento for myself or my boyfriend. Due to my family, I will be sharing with you all my different vegetarian bento recipes.

Here my first Bento, Starry Vegetarian Fried Rice. Hope you guys will love it. Feel Free to leave you suggestions or comments for me. I will appreciate and work on them.
Starry Vegetarian Fried Rice


Fried Rice 

2 bowl of cooked rice
2 eggs
1/2 cup of corn
1/2 cup of edamame
5 cherry tomatoes diced
5 mushroom diced
3 vegetarian hotdog diced


3 cherry tomatoes
Vegetarian mock meat


1) Fry the egg
2) Add in corn, edamame, mushroom and hotdog and fry till fragrant.
3) Add in rice and fry.
4)  Last add in the tomatoes.
5)  Season it with salt and pepper.
6) Serve

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