Brunch at The Hangar

It had been a long long time since I met up with my girl friends. As we grew older, the responsibility and commitment started to increase too, make it harder for us to meet up. Even so, the strong friendship bond still stay with us.

Thanks Melody for arranging the brunch meet up at The Hangar.

The Hangar is a Aussie styled cafe with an industry concept interior design that specialize in coffees, sandwiches and salads. Situated at the far end of Arab Street making it a perfect hang out venue away from all the crowd. A nice cozy cafe to catch up with your friends while enjoying the good coffees and food that are served in The Hangar.


Hangar1Organic Soba Curry Noodles

I believe the Organic Soba Curry Noodle was one of the newer addition into their menu. We are definitely not giving any new dish especially when it’s curry a miss. We did not expect the dish came topped with a small mountain of  shredded chicken as it was not stated on the menu. The shredded chickens were tender, the curry get absorbed into the shredded chickens quickly making it more delicious. The Organic Buckwheat Soba were cooked perfectly maintaining the chewy texture. The curry was quite mild yet rich, good to go for people who cannot take too spicy food. Not forgetting about those who love a extra kick of spiciness, they had thoughtful topped a extra spoon of chili paste for you.  

Hangar6Norwegian Catch

What I love about The Hangar was they are generous with their food serving which make every dollar spent worthwhile.  You will never go wrong with Norwegian Smoked Salmon. All of us enjoy  the velvety and creamy scrambled eggs that goes along with the Norwegian Smoked Salmon. The homemde Dill Aioli  perfectly accompaniment the whole dish.

Hangar4The Hangover

The Hangover is The Hangar’s Signature Brunch Platter. The plate was over populated with the bacon, pork sausage, sauteed mushroom, saute cherry tomatoes, sunny side up, sour bread and the spicy bake beans. The sunny side up reflected my mum style of golden brown egg brim. The pork sausage was very juicy and tender. Instead of the usual sweet ketchup bake beans, the hint of spiciness make the bake beans extra appetizing. Personally, I felt that the proportion of the spicy bake beans could slightly reduce to have a more well balance platter.

Hangar2Truffle Fries

The moment the Truffle Fries was served, the aroma of the truffle oil gushed up and awake our senses. Without a second thought, we started attacking the truffle fries.  The thick straight cut fries were crispy on the outside and yet maintaining the inner moisture. If you are having Truffle Fries, do request for their special mayonnaise as it goes perfectly with it.

Let me introduce the chef behind all the yummy food, Jacob. Thanks for preparing the yummy foods and taking wefie with us during your break.2015-09-03-14-30-44_deco

The Hangar

Opening Hours: 9.00am – 6.00pm

Address : 25 Arab Street Singapore 199724

FB: The Hangar

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