[Cafe Hopping] Porcupine Skewers at Bukit Batok Crescent


Walking along the road of Bukit Batok Crescent, all I spotted was tall and big office buildings. I never expect to find a cafe and brewery hidden in one of them.

Porcupine Skewers  is located at the second level of The Splendour.


Walking into Porcupine Skewers gave me a very warm feeling, just like walking into the kitchen and dining area of your house. Unlike other cafes, Porcupine Skewers adopted the family style of decoration and operation. The open kitchen allows you to overlook the whole food preparation process.


Each piece of furniture and decoration which you can find in Porcupine Skewers are thoughtfully selected, modify and put together by the lady boss, Sharlene’s brother.


Other than having the family orientated concept, Porcupine Skewers have their in-house brewery where they brew and serve fresh craft beer. Such a luxury for the professionals working in Bukit Batok Crescent Industry Park. A perfect venue to chill and drink after work or even when meeting clients. If you are lucky, you can catch the handsome brew master and get some tips on brewing or a causal chat on craft beer. I believe he is more than willing to share.


Porcupine Skewers Special

You will not be able to find this Porcupine Skewers Special Drink on the menu. The Porcupine Skewers Special Drink is a combination of Milk tea, Gula Melaka and a special indgredientthat was imported from oversea. Try guessing what the special ingredient when you order the Porcupine Skewers Special.

To cater to the lunch crowd, Porcupine Skewers offers a daily special main course at $12.80. In Porcupine Skewers, all the ingredients used for all the dishes are freshly bought daily in the market by the lady boss, Sharlene. Therefore, the daily special menu depends on it.

Today’s daily special was Sambal Prawns with Rice and Mee Siam.


Sambal Prawns with Rice

The bowl of fiery orange sambal prawns looks sensational.  The nice aroma of the spices and tinged with appetising sour and spiciness. The thick and juicy prawns buried under the heap of sambal sauce was crunchy and firm. I love the way they served the rice in heart shape, it help to brighten up the day. The Sambal Prawns with rice was addictive as I could not help myself to dig in.


Mee Siam

Mee siam for $12.80? You might be thinking that it is extremely expensive. Fear not, this bowl of mee siam is definitely worth the price.

The Mee Siam comes with generous portion of rice vermicelli, topped with genrous amount of prawns, fish cakes, chopped beancurd cube, chopped beancurd puffs (tau pok), bean sprouts and a half hard-boiled egg.  The Mee Siam’s gravy had a good balance of sweet, spicy and sour. Each strain of rice vermicelli had absorbed all the flavors and make me continuously slurping on them.

At Porcupine Skewers, they offer two different combo meals to go along with the skewers.

You can choose between Combo A of $7.80 (include 3 different skewers +  Tom Yam/ Chicken Udon / Rice) or Combo B for $12 (include 4 different skewers + Tom Yam/ Chicken Udon / Rice + Salads + Drink (Water Chestnut/Lime Juice/Sour Plum)


Tom Yum Udon

I tried their Tom Yum Udon and it tasted like my mother cooking. However, I prefer to have more Tom Yum and tangy flavor for the soup base. You can inform the server if you have any special requirement in the flavoring, I believe they are most happy to tune the food to your liking.

Finally, the main speciality of Porcupine Skewers; Yakitori . They had a wide range of Yakitori from poultry to seafood and each range around $2 – $3 which is pretty affordable.


Bacon can never go wrong with asparagus and enoki mushroom, these are the perfect combination. The bacon wrap is crispy, however I find that the asparagus are slightly overcooked and lack of the tenderness and crunch. I love the whole combination of wrapping the bacon around quail egg.


Their chicken Yakitori are well-prepared. The chickens were well- marinated and very tender. I like the wings as the skin was crispy with the warm and juicy inside.


Lucky Belly

Lucky Belly is one of the signature dishes in Porcupine Skewers. The deep fried pork belly are super crispy and super addictive. Most importantly,, the deep fried pork belly is not greasy at all and maintain the crispiness even after a period.

I will strongly recommend you to order the Lucky Belly if you are having their craft beer as they complement each other perfectly.


Lastly, remember to check out the wide range of chilli sauces and dips that are homemade by Sharlene too. I believe everyone will be able to find their favourite chilli dip in Porcupine Skewers. My favourite was the Teochew Dipping Sauce.


Overall, I like the whole family concept and style that Porcupine Skewers had come out and culturing into the customers. The friendliness of the staff and the cozyenvironment feel like 大宅院 where everyone will gather together to enjoy good food, good beer and good company. If I am staying or working around Bukit Batok Crescent, Porcupine Skewers will be my hang out venue. Hope they will open an outlet in town or the heartland soon.

Porcupine Skewers
Address: 31 Bukit Batok Cresecent #02-01
The Splendour Singapore 658070


– Nearest Mrt Station is Bukit Batok can take Bus 106 & 77.
– 5 Bus stops and drop outside WECGA Tower.
– Walk pass the carpark and walk straight will see THE SPLENDOUR
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 10.00am – 11.30am
For more info: Porcupine Skewers’s FB
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