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Sephora launched Limited Edition Hello Kitty Make up Set

In conjunction of Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary, Sephora had once again launched a whole new Hello Kitty collection.

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Collection at Sephora

Instead of the usual pink color which people associate with Hello Kitty. The Sephora x Hello Kitty collection focus more on luxury and glamour. Using Silver to bring out the glamour with the hint of Hello Kitty Cuteness. Perfect for office ladies who love Hello Kitty, not to pink and cute. It bring out the class for them.

Wonder what are in store for you ?

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[Sponsored] Update on my Slimming Journey with Sure Solution Singapore

This will be a very short update on my sponsored slimming journey with Sure Solution Singapore. I will be also revealing my body measurement and weight.

1st Treatment ( 5 November 2013 )

Before the Treatment, I weighted myself and was shock that my weight had shoot up to 68.1 kg. I simply cannot believe this cruel new.

Here my body measurement before the treatment :

Right Arm : 31.4 cm
Left Arm : 32 cm
Upper Abdomen : 77 cm
Lower Abdomen : 89 cm
Right Thigh : 59.8 cm
Left Thigh : 59.8 cm

During my first treatment, I did CoolSculpting Fat Freeze Treatment for my Lower Abdomen and Padding.

2nd Treatment (7 November 2013)

During my second treatment , I did CoolSculpting Fat Freeze Treatment for my Inner and Other Thigh for both leg.

3rd Treatment (12 November 2013)

During my third treatment today , I did CoolSculpting Fat Freeze Treatment for my Upper Adbomen and Padding. Together with the treatment, I tried their slimming wrap and sauna too.

I was shock that there was some reduction on my body weight and measurement. Due to the rainy weather recently, I did not exercises in between of the three treatment. Even though, I am advise to do some light exercise to speed up the whole slimming process.

Here my shocking body measurement :

Weight : 67.9 kg
Right Arm : 29 cm
Left Arm :29.9 cm
Upper Abdomen : 77 cm
Lower Abdomen : 84 cm
Right Thigh : 59 cm
Left Thigh : 59 cm

I am quite happy with the results as I had only did 3 treatments and it is on 3 different parts of my body. I am looking forward to more reduction.

Do Note that, results will not be observe about one treatment on the targeted area and results may varies.

P/s : The blogpost is truly base on my true experience.


[Sponsored] Fat Freeze Treatment by Sure Solution Singapore

After slimming down from 80kg to 62 kg last year. I become very flabby. Due to my previous job , I put on almost 8kg due to supper and stress. Thanks to Sure Solution Singapore who offers me a 2 months slimming treatment.

Here are some of my problematic area …


I really hate my big and flabby arms which had deprive me from wearing sleeveless dress and top. I had always been on the bigger and heavier side since young, therefore my fashion choice were way limited. I had tried different ways to tone them up , however it does not seems to make a different. It had been always a big problem to me.

My tummy is getting bigger from all the supper.

I had a pair of very thick legs since young which I hate too. My family use to call be ” Elephant Leg” which to me is a real insult. However I had to admit it as I have very huge thighs and big calves. Even though it had become smaller, it is still not my desire. I really envy those girls who have very slim and long pair of legs.

Lets now talk about the treatment..

I was sponsored on 4 different treatments by Sure Solution Singapore. I had tried CoolSculpting Fat Freeze for my first 2 sessions. Due to time constraits as I had to rush for some other appointments after my treatment. I only did the treatment for my tummy and my thighs.

Here some background on CoolSculpting Fat Freeze before I talked about the sessions.

 CoolSculpting Fat Freeze targets fat cells alone, eliminating them in an easy, non-intrusive fashion that exercise and diet can’t achieve as quickly or as effectively.

The treatment uses laser, sonic waves and even surgery to remove fat can actually destroy other tissue in the process by burning, shattering or extracting non-fat cells. This requires downtime for your body to heal.  CoolSculpting Fat Freeze doesn’t burn, shatter or extract any cells. This procedure uses a targeted cooling process that kills the fat cells underneath the skin, literally freezing them to the point of elimination. Only fat cells are frozen. Your healthy skin cells remain, well, healthy. No knives. No suction hoses. No needles. No scars. Once crystallized, the fat cells die and are naturally eliminated from your body

Here a video I found online which explain more on the whole CoolSculpting process. It is almost similar to what I experience in Sure Solution.

Here my experience at Sure Solution.

Under Sure Solution Singapore, there are two outlets. I am schedule to have my treatment at Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade.

IMG-20130913-WA0007 (1)

Reception Counter

IMG-20130913-WA0009 (1)


Treatment Room


Preparing for my Treatment

After changing into the robe, the beautician-in-charge took my weight and the measurement of  my arms , tummy and thighs. I was also told that my body is loop-sided as I have more fats on my right side of the body. I had never notice about that , it really good that she had pointed it out for me.

For the first Session, I had CoolSculpting Fat Freeze on my tummy.



The whole session was painless. All it feels is a great suction power sucking the fat as while as the cold numbing feeling.

After the CoolSculpting Fat Freeze Treatment, the beautician uses a machine which uses electronic wave to burn the fats.


For the Second Session, I also did CoolSculpting Fat Freeze but this time is on my thighs.

Please note that, it is normal when you have slight bruises after the treatment. It is similar to TCM ” bai guan”


I am now looking forward to my third treatment with Sure Solution .

Stay tunes on my blog as I will be sharing on my experience and my whole process of the slimming treatment.

*P/S: Blogpost is written truly base on my personal experience.


What’s in August Blackbox ?

Wonder what is in my August Black Box? 

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Here all the wonderful goodies

Discount Vouchers from Naruko,Tokyo Bust Express, London Weight Management, Purer Skin, Belif, VDL, The Face Shop, Ez-link

Colgate Plax Fruity Fresh

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Take Five Energy Drink

Super 3 in 1 coffee

Purer Skin

Loreal Extraodinary Oil

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Pamper yourself with SHEA ~❤

Shea was established in 2012 by three liked minded people who wanted to bring better and affordable skin care products to everyone.

Shea specialise in retailing vegetarian handmade body care products suitable for normal and sensitive skins.

Shea strictly stand by their 3 core principles on the products.

Shea products are vegetarian friendly, predominantly handmade and use pure essential oils. The products are from Southern France, India, England, Australia, Morocco, Ghana and Wales.

Their products contain at least 30% of pure shea butter. Most product in the market content only less then 10% of pure shea butter.

Shea carries a unique mix of products that cater to those with sensitive skins and natural products lover. It also provide a thoughtful gift choice.

Feel free to approach the friendly boss and staff for more information and usage on the different products.


The first Nyassa soap bar that inspire the start up of SHEA

Pure Argan Oil

The Pure Argan Oil is make up of pure cosmetic grade chemical free hand pressed argan oil from Morocco. The Pure Argan Oil help with skin rejuvenation, removal of wrinkles and fine lines as while as nourishing dry hairs and nail


Pure Unrefined Shea Butter

The Pure Unrefined Shea Butter is make up of 100% Shea Butter which is hardly be found in the market. The pure chemical free unrefined shea butter from Ghana which is an excellent moisturizer loaded with vitamin E. It help to relief suffering from eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. It is a mild sunblock. It help to prevent stretchmarks and lighten scars.

Savon de Marseille

Savon de Marseille is an ultra moisturizing chemical free olive oil based soap from France. It take more than 4 weeks to make this soap. The Savon de Marseille is very gentle and moisturizing. It is suitable for infant use too. They give relief to those suffering from eczema psoriasis and dermatitis and other dry skin related ailments.

Pure African Black Soap

The Pure African Black Soap is highly moisturizing and cleansing chemical free. The  Pure African Black Soap is from Ghana which is excellent for facial and body acne. It can be use for hair, face and body. 

Pure Goats Milk Soap

The pure goats milk soap made from pure goats milks (not powdered goats milk). All the water content of the soap is replaced by goat milk. The Pure Goats Milk Soap is highly moisturizing, fragrance and color free soap that exfoliates without abrasion and moisturized the skin from within. It give relief to those suffering from eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. 


You’re Gorgeous Handmade soaps

The You’re Gorgeous pure cold press handmade soap is manufacture in Wales. It contain fine plant oils and extracts, botanical, organic ingredient, aromatherapy blends and essential oils sources from all over the world. The soaps are rich, mild and long lasting. Each bars are decorated with dried flowers and botanical,

In Shea, They carries Bomb cosmetics too.

Bomb Cosmetics hand make a wide range of body care, skin care and ambient frangrancing products using shea butter and essential oil from around the world. Bomb cosmetics are vegan-friendly. They also ensure that their products are gentle and nourishing. The fragrance of their products are expertly blended with essential oil that last a long time.

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Blaster

The bath blasters are  the easiest way to enjoy aromatherapy, body moisturizing and essential oils at home. The bath blasters are completely handmade with love. Perfect of trips, holiday and gift. I love the macaroons shaping bath blaster. It so colorful and pretty. Some of the bath blaster even have glitters on them.

I will definitely grab a few of this pretty bath blaster for my upcoming holiday trip.

Bomb Cosmetics Soap Cake

Yummilicious !! Dont mistake this pretty looking cake as real cake. They are make up of soap. The soap cake come in 4 yummilicious flavors : “Strawberry Supreme, Chocolate Heaven, Berrylicious, Lemon Meringue Delight. The soap cake smell yummy too.
The Soap cake make up of vegan friendly essential oil. The soap cake are hand poured from vegetable based glycerin soap. It lock the moisture and amazing scent into the soap.
Prefect for gift !

Bomb Cosmetics Handmade Soap Bar

The handmade essential oil soaps contain vegetable glycerine which is very moisturizing and non-drying. The soaps are very mild and PH neutral. The essential oils help to enhance your moos and benefit the skins.
You are being spoil with choices when you are choosing these handmade soap. Each bar have a different scent, color and pattern. Every pieces of soap bar look so tempting and pretty. You will definitely find one that suit you the best.

This is my favorite soap bar : the Mango pudding with mango cubes looking soap bar. It smell of mango too.

Bomb Cosmetics Wave Soap

If you find that normal soap bar is troublesome as you need to sponge it when you are using the soap. Wave soap is a definite choice for you. The wave soap is a combination of soap and sponge together.
The cosmetic grade sponge saturated with a vegetable based glycerine soap added with pure essential oils. The wave soap help to exfoliated your skin with the non-drying foam.

Bomb Cosmetics Body polish and Body Scrub

The body polish is a 3-in-1 butter rich, highly foaming and gently exfoliating products. The body scrub are lightly grained exfoliates based on specially chosen essential oil.

Bomb Cosmetics Body Gel

The body gel is thick scoopable olive oils based. The body gel are moisturizing and have a netural PH and contain pure essential oil.
The shower gel are highly concentrated. It content more gel and less water. This ensure that customer get more shower gel and more value for money. The higher concentration makes it hard to pump, thus it is packed into tubs. The tub packaging allow us to control the usage of the shower gel making it last longer as compare to normal.
You just need to touch a small corner of your sponge into the gel for the whole body.

Bomb Cosmetics Bubble Bath

Bomb Cosmetics Cleansing Shower Butter

The Cleansing Shower Butter is a butter rich creamy wash for bath and shower. It produces a rich creamy buttery and highly moisturizing foam that will leave your skin feeling soft and beautifully scented. I love the ice cream flavors especially the mint choc chip. It smell really like mint choc chip ice cream. You will feel like eating yourself up with the shower butter.

Bomb Cosmetics Clay and Mud Mask

The Clay and Mud mask gently exfoliated and moisturize the face. It content soothing essential oil in the mask too.

Bomb Cosmetics Shimmering body butter

The body butter contain at least 30% pure grade “A” shea butter and coco butter. It make the body butter ultra moisturising without leaving you feeling sticky. The body butter are all blended with pure essential oil for the unique fragrance.

Thick and rich body butter

Gold glitter from the body butter

Bomb Cosmetics Tippy Toes & Dr Foot

The Dr Foot and Tippy Toes are Duo-wonder. Dr Foot is a foot scrub designed to cater to both the hard skins of our soles and the sensitive upper part of foot. It is blended with shea butter and sunflower oil. It also contain lemongrass and black pepper essential oils to help freshen and deodorize feet.
The Tippy Toes contains a huge dollop of shea butter to moisturize the feet. It help to soften the hard skin and crack heat. 

Bomb Cosmetics Solid Shampoo Bar

This is the first time I came across shampoo bar. Look out for my upcoming blog review after using it.

Bomb Cosmetics Lip Balm

The Lip Balm contain extra shea buter to help to moisturize and condition your lips.

The lip scrub for a extra care for the lips.

Bomb Cosmetics Candles

The candles are all so pretty too. I love it is decorated with little hearts shape for the Tinned candles. It give a little surprise when you open up the metal lid.

The Bomb cosmetic candles are poured by hand and shaped within them are hand cut. Each candle is subtly different. The candle have a burn time of approximately 50 hrs of burn time. Each candle is franganced with a special blend of essential oil that help to set the mood for you.

They offer a wide variety of different and interesting scented candles.

Bomb Cosmetics Little Hotties

Pick and mix your own unique home fragrance ! Start blending your own fragrance. All you need to do is to is to put a few of the little hotties on a tea light burner.

Bomb Cosmetics Essential Oil

Herbal Healer

The herbal healer help to soothe away muscular aches and menstruation cramps. Just pop the herbal healer into the microwave oven to heat it up. Too bad that my house does not have a microwave oven or not it will be totally perfect for me during my menstruation cramps.

Products of Nyassa

In Shea,they have a wide range of Nyassa products ranging from shower gels to body butter. Nyassa of India specialize in uniquely oriental, middle eastern fragranced and vegan friendly products. Essential oils are use for fragrancing their products. For their skin care products, it content olive oil, almond oil and shea butter.

Visit SHEA for all the wonderful and natural products

181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central
Tel : 6238 1690
Email :
Website :

Thanks SHEA for all the products.
(p/s: does not include my kitties, but they love shea too)

Look out for upcoming product reviews on each of the wonderful products.

Marie France : Please let me be slimmer and slimmer~❤

Slimming is never ending process and wants for every girl and woman. Everyone hopes and crave to achieve the perfect body shape and be skinny. So am i ?

I used be weight 82kg almost 2 years ago. I took a lot of courage to take the first step to start my dieting and exercising. Thanks to my boyfriend support, I managed to slim down to 62kg within a period of 1.5 months. Even though, I managed to slim down 20kg, my body become flabby especially my arms and legs. I really hope to achieve the perfect firm body with the nice contour line.
Thanks to OMY and Marie France for giving me the chance to try out their slimming session. Here my experience on “Intelect Spot Shaping (ISS) “and “Contour Sculpt Body System”.

Before I started my session. The beauty consultant took my weight and my fat percentage in my body. The nutritionist was very friendly and had gave me some healthy advise for me to maintain my weight and even to slim down more.

Since my arms were all flabby. I decided to target on my flabby arms, hoping that Marine France will help me to firm it up. The Intelect Spot Shaping(ISS) will help me to firm up. The beauty consultant applied their special slimming firming gel on my arms. After that, they used a ultra sound machine to massage the gel into my arms. You can feel that the gel is absorbing into the body. After the 20mins of the ultra sound treatment, the beauty consultant helped me to massage arms to help the gel to absorb faster as while as to firm up the flabby arms. Finally the last steps, is to wrap my arms with their special clothes to firm up. I really enjoyed the whole session.


As for the Contour Sculpt Body System, the consulted help me to do their exclusive slimming wrap to slim down my tights.

Here are some of their promotion.

Overall, I love the whole session. I strongly recommend Marie France Bodyline if you are thinking of going to a slimming center. Their staff dont hard-sell and they were friendly and nice. Rest assure that they will provide you with their professional knowledge on slimming.

March Bella Box : Spring in your step ~❤

Finally, I had gotten my first Bella Box. Spring is in the air !


 Wonderstruck Enchanted

Taylor Swift Fragrance

The  Wonderstruck Enchanted is an irresistible concoction of wild berries, sugar-glazed champaca petals and white freesia. Wonderstruck Enchanted’s blend of creamy flowers and sensual woods capture you in the spellbinding allure much like the feeling of falling in love.
I love the romantic fragrance of the Wonderstruck Enchanted. I love the 10ml Wonderstruck Enchanted that was given in Bellabox. The size of the fragrance made it super convenience to bring it around. I can simply put it in my bag and even small handbag or pouch. I can smell of romance at anywhere and anytime.

 Wonderstruck Enchanted

50ml : $89

100ml : $109

Dr CI : Labo Aqua-Collagen Gel Super Moist Ex

Just by hearing the name of this Dr CI ‘s moisturiser, you will know that this small jar is filled with wonders. This moisturiser allows over 120 skin-improving ingredients to be delivered deep down into your pores. Skin will be firmed , brightened , smoothed. Most important, this Dr CI ‘s moisturiser does not clog pores and it have pore unclogging action available in the moisturiser.
The Dr CI : Labo Aqua-Collagen Gel Super Moist Ex gel absorbs into your skin quicky and does not give you the sticky feel. It had a very light medicated smell but this does not stop me for liking this moisturiser.

Dr CI : Labo Aqua-Collagen Gel Super Moist Ex

50ml : $65

The Dr CI ‘s Super Washing Form is not like any other facial form products. The thick lather acts as a cushion that protect the skin and a absorption agent that take dirt, oil and dead skin off when you rinsed the washing form away.
My face felt completely clean after using the Dr CI : Labo Super Washing Form Ex. It give a very refreshing and clean feel. 

MOX Botanical Lip Balm


The MOX Botanical Lip Balm contain Black Plum & Fig, Coconut Almondine and Yakima Valley Peppermint. These are some of their delectable ingredients. Even though, the ingredient consist of Black plum , Coconut Almondine etc. , it had the watermelon taste. It quite amazing. 
I have very dry lips especially when I am in a air-condition room. The MOX Botanical Lip Balm help me keep my lip moist and it does not make my lip flake easily. 

Lemongrass House Shower Gel

The shower gel is nice. It make you feel relax and refresh after a hard day at work. It consist of eco-friendly and natural Lemongrass massage oil.
Shower Gel

Lemongrass House Shower Gel

200ml : $19.25


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Review on SENKA Hoshitsu Lotion ~❤

Introducing SENKA beauty product series !!
The moment, I know that Senka had launch in Singapore, I am very happy. I knew about this brand way back in 3 years back through 女人我最大. After knowing the wonderful benefit, I had been looking for it. I bought my 1st bottle of SENKA Hoshitsu Lotion during my Taiwan trip. Ever since then, I had fell in love in using the lotion . However, I had not been able to get the lotion anymore in Singapore. 
Senka Hoshitsu Lotion (Fresh) bought in Taiwan 2010 
Senka Hoshitsu Lotion (Fresh) is for Normal-Oily Skin.

Here my SENKA Hoshitsu Lotion (Moist) which I bought from Watson recently. It is retailing at $17.90. Due to being under air con for long hours, my skin had turn super dry. Here my rest remedy for dry skin. It  really hydrate my skins from the within. It keep my skin hydrated for 24 hours. It work as a perfect pre make up base too. Due to my dry skin, my make up does not last. After using SENKA Hoshitsu Lotion, my make up stay on my face and I does not need to pile more make up onto my face. 

The SENKA Hoshitsu Lotion is a all in one product for the skin. It is a toner, serum and moisturizer. The rich lotion involves micro-moisture manufacturing process that allows rich level of moisture to reach the inner layer of the skin. The SENKA Hoshitsu is definite must have for girls who dont like all the multi-steps of skin care. You just need to apply and pat it into your face.

Get your Senka Hoshitsu Lotion NOW !!