[Baking] Chocolate Caramel Baileys Tiramisu with Bahulu

I came across an recipe on Baileys and Hot Chocolate Tiramisu online.

I decided to give it a try since i  had recently bought Caramel Baileys during my Bangkok trip.

I decided infused the recipe to create my own style. I replaced the lady finger with my favorite childhood snack, Bahulu.

 Chocolate Caramel Baileys Tiramisu

¼ cup of  Hot Water
¼ cup of Coco Powder
¼ cup Caramel Bailey
2 Egg Yolks
1 tbs of White Sugar
2 Egg Whites
2 cups of Mascarpone
12 Bahulus
1. Start by adding 2 tsp of Coco Powder and it in hot water till dissolved.


2 . Add in the Caramel Baileys and mix well.



3. In a double boiler, whisk 2 egg yolks and sugar till combined. The egg mixture should be in pale yellow and becomes the texture of runny pudding.
(Do not overcook the eggs.)Remove from heat and set aside.


4. In a separate bowl whisk  the 2 egg whites till they form stiff peaks. Once done, set aside.



5.Gently fold in the Mascarpone cheese into the egg yolk mixture.
When the cheese is well combined and creamy, fold the mixture into the egg white.



 6. Gently soak the Bahulu in the  Chocolate Carmel Bailey prepared previously.



7. Place one Bahulu at the bottom of the cup.


Spoon the Mascarpone mixture on top of the Bahulu. Then sprinkle with hot chocolate powder.
Repeat process 2 times.


8. Chill in the fridge for at least 4 hours and more.


9. You are ready to serve the yummy Chocolate Caramel Baileys Tiramisu. 


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