Criollo Cocoa Cafe

Thanks to OpenRice invite or not I will never discover this hidden cafe in the Level 2 Orchard Gateway overlooking the Somerset Junction.

If you are looking of a quiet place to chill out after all the shopping spree or a heart to heart session with your girlfriends. Do check Criollo Cocoa Cafe out.

At Criollo Cocoa Cafe, they serve all day breakfast, burgers, pastas and dessert at a affordable price. Most importantly, there no service charge and GST. You can also enjoy free Wi-fi from Orchard Gateway.



Big Breakfast (Promo:$12, U.P:$16.90)

 The home styled Big Breakfast include 2 scrambled eggs, served with chicken sausage, sautéed mushrooms, bacon (Pork or Turkey), hash brown, butter toast and fresh fruits in sweet yogurt. The scrambled egg was creamy but abit too heavy on salt. The chicken sausage, bacon, hashbrown was normal. I love the concept that they added in the fruit yogurt to round up the wholesome breakfast platter.

However, I will not pay the usual price of $16.90 for the big breakfast set. I have to make sure my money and calories intake is worth the amount I paid. Other reason was that I can simply whip up the Big Breakfast at home at a much lower cost.


Portobello Burger ($12.90)

I love Portobello Mushroom! The Grilled Portobello mushroom accompanied with onions, capsicum, cheese, lettuce and sliced tomato was making me hungry for it. The overflowing of sauce and mayonnaise made it look super appetizing. I simply cannot wait to sink my teeth into the burger. The moment when we cut into the burger, the juice of the Portobello Mushroom oozes out. It will be perfect if the ratio of the Portobello Mushroom and the Bun is almost equal.

I will recommend you to try out their Portobello Burger. It will be a dish that you will definitely return for.


Seafood Laksa Pasta ($16.90)

A combination of the western pasta and our local favorite dish, Laksa. This is one of my favorite dish in the whole tasting event. The al denti spaghetti coated with the special Laksa sauce along with the fresh seafood simply explode in your mouth. The special Laksa sauce was done perfectly with the hint of spiciness and the sweetness of the coconut milk. They were also generous with the seafood.


Mixed Grilled Platter ($18.90)

In my concept of Mixed Grilled Platter was a plate filled with different kinds of grilled meat and a must order for meat lover. This dish was really a disappointment. The Grilled chicken and beef on skewers was dry and tasteless. The black pepper chicken sausages was still alright as it was black peppered. I do not understand why there was coleslaw and the pile of Arugula doing in a mixed grilled platter. Sadly to say out of the whole platter, I prefer the straight cut fries.


Chocolate Waffle ($9.90)

A great way to end the dinner with Chocolate Waffles. Instead of those huge fluffy and thick waffles, their Cocoa flavored waffle was thinner but softer yet rich. Accompanied by the Homemade Chocolate Gelato was so irresistible. For a price of $9.90, this chocolate waffle is definitely worth the price and the most value for money dessert in Orchard.


Malt Cake ($6.90 per slice)

Before I enter into the cafe, I was staring at the thick layers of Malt Cake. Thanks to the owner, Mr Lam who offer us to try out the cakes. The malt cake was dense with pure malt and the thin layers of chocolate glaze make it perfect. This Malt Cake will be good for sharing.


Earl Grey Tea Cake ($5.90)

Contrasting to the Malt Cake, the Earl Grey Tea Cake was moist. I love how the flavor of the Earl Grey spread in my mouth.


Lychee and Coconut Gelato

Criollo Cocoa Cafe made their Gelato in house. I can say this is the best Coconut Gelato I ever ate. The Coconut Gelato was very rich and fragrance, It was like drink a cup of coconut milk.
Please don’t get me wrong, the Coconut Ice Cream is not very sweet. I have fallen in love with the richness of the Coconut Gelato.


According to the owner, they will come out with different flavor every few weeks. Please do order them out when you dine in Criollo Cocoa Cafe.

Criollo Cocoa Cafe is currently have 20% Off their menu till end of the month .

Overall, I will be back to Criollo Cocoa Cafe for a quiet moment of girl time with the yummilicious waffles and gelato.

Criollo Cocoa Cafe

Add: 277 Orchard Road, Orchard Gateway, #02-01 S(238858)
Tel:6702 6568

Opening Hours : Mon to Sat: 1100 am – 1000 pm
Sun & PH: 1000 am – 2200 pm


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