Disney On Ice : Princesses and Heroes~❤

I grew up in the dream of being in a fairy-tales  being a princess.Hoping one day, my prince will come and bring me away to live happily ever after.  However, as we grow older. The reality had made every dream vanish in the air. There no fairy-tales in this world, never will there be any princess or prince. That what the world and you had taught me to face up with the cruel society and reality.
However, deep down inside I really hope one day I can be a princess with my own blissful fairy-tale.
Now,all I can do is to enjoy and dream on each beautiful stories each princess have.
Disney on Ice had been my childhood favorite. It is like watching my favorite fairytale came to live. Hoping one fine day, I can be so carefree, skating on the ice with my love one.
That all my daydreams…
Lets back to reality..
Disney on Ice is celebrating their 20th anniversary. 
I booked my tickets months back and finally it’s show time.
Let’s welcome our all time favorite : MICKEY & MINNIE !!
Pretty little Tinkerbell
Which fairy-tales had been your favorite story ? A story that you always hope that will happen on us.
In Disney on Ice, you had all the wonderful actions and love stories by the Princesses and Princes.
The wonderful adventure of Aladdin and Princess Jasmine.
How will it be like if you have a Genie to grant your wishes and able to fly on a magic carpet ?
After an adventure.. let’s have a heart warming story of Princess Snow White and the cute seven dwarfs.
When you truthly love a person, how he/she is or look is does not matter at all cause you love who the person is.
Lets go under the sea !!
Next up, the enchanting story of Princess Aurora..

Let the ball begin ..


The spectacular finale ..
Cant wait for next year Disney on Ice !!
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