Elgenahearts Bucket List Part 1

I was writing my profile for my Linkedin page.  Suddenly, I realize that I had not achieve much in this 27 Years in my life. It really make me reflect about my life.  In a blink of an eye, I will be reaching my 30s in 3 years time.

I am not an ambitious person who hope to be a successful career woman, earning Six Seven Thousands a month. Growing up in a Chinese Traditional family where parents were very strict and they simply want to determined your life.

Unlike those Western Cultured family, my parents seldom show their love or shower me  with praises. Every household will have their own problems. I grew up disliking my family and always felt that my low self esteem was cause by my parents. I was always hidden in my own shell. Due to this, I face alot of problems communicating with people and achieving in my life. This also lead me to depression. Since very young, I had always dream to faster get married and move out of the house. Hoping one day, I can have a very sweet and loving husband and family which I can live happily ever after. However, there no fairy tale in the reality.

Ever since, I know my boyfriend. My life started to change. He is a very ambitious guy who have lots of dream and drive. He clearly know what he want in his life. This is also why I am attracted to him. He had the part which is missing in my life. Because of him, I started to realise alot of things in life and it started to change my perspective of life. Thanks to his encouragement ans support, I slowly climbing out of my shell. Without his encouragement, I don’t think I will be blogging and assisting him in building his dream and business. He played a very big role and part of my life. To me, he is the light of my life, showing me the way of life. I started to build my dream on his, telling myself that if I am able to fulfill his dream, I am happy and contented.

However, while I am writing my Linkedin profile,I was stuck. I started to ask myself what have I achieve so far, where are my dreams. That every moment, I am lost. I came to realize that I had always been living as a shadow, following other life and dreams. I had never live for myself in this 27 years. Isn’t that sad ?

Is time to live for myself now.

Doing the things which I had always wanted but don not dare to do and does not have time to do. Excelling in my work and building my own portfolio.  Learning new skills  and many many more.  I cannot waste another 27 years of my life just by being a simple girl. I want to be a girl who know how love herself and know what she want in her life.

I decided to make myself a bucket list.  Before I start writing this blog, I had been asking myself the following questions :

– What I want to achieve in life ?

– What my biggest dream and goal ?

– What are the activities or skills I will like to learn to value add to myself ?

– What are the things I which to experience so that I does not have any regrets in life ?

– What have I always wanted to do but have not done yet ?

I am happy to declare that this is my own bucket list. Even thought, some of the items listed are affected by the people around me.


Here’s my Bucket List :

(List not in order)

#1 : Attain a Professional Certificate in Baking


I have this passion and interest in baking ever since primary school. I remembered that I was so excited about having Food and Nutrition Class in Secondary School.

I had been asking my parents to get an oven for me when I am in Primary Six so that I could learn to bake and practice at home for the Food and  Nutrition Class.

I do not feel tired when baking even when sometime I had to bake into the night.  I had always want to pursuit baking as a career .

Due to the reality of the society and rejection from family and friends, I does not have the courage to do so.

#2 : Own a Cake Cafe


(Photo Credit :

Cake is my remedy to all unhappiness. Even by just looking at all the pretty and delicious cake it make me happy.

To me every pieces of cake, is the Patisserie’s effort and love.

I strongly believe that a small piece of cake can help to brighten a person’s day. People usually have cakes during celebration and it can bring joy and happiness to people.

I had always hope that I am able to spread this joy and happiness to people of all walks of life and being a small little part of their life.

#3 : Taking a Degree in Marketing and Public Relation


Having a degree now is very common.

As we always  said: ” If you throw a stone out, you can easily hit a degree student.”

I had always feel that I am not compatible with my boyfriend as he is a local university degree graduate.

It always good to have a degree certificate to back myself up too.

#4 : Improve my knowledge in Digital Marketing


(Photo credit :

Coming back to reality, I need to constantly empower  myself with new knowledge in Digital Marketing.

In order to excel in my work and not to be outcast by this cruel society.

This will also aid in managing my cake cafe too.

#5 : Improve my English


We had been learning English language when we first enter school.

Sadly to say that, I have never master this language and was really bad in it.

With all my wrong grammar and low vocabulary bank, I worry on whether am I eligible to teach my children in the future.

#6 : Learn and able to speak Hangul


(Photo credit :

안녕하세요, 저는 Elgena 입니다.

 Being a fan of Korean Drama and K pop, I really what to learn how to read and converse in Hangul.

It will be a great advantage when traveling to Korea too.

#7 : Improve my photography skill



(Photo credit :

Taking about photography, there still a lot of areas for me to improve on.

I really admire those photographer who are able to capture beautiful photos as well as the other bloggers.

I hope I am able to capture lots of priceless memories through the lens.

#8 : Play my favorite piece : Bach’ Cello Suite #1 – Prelude


(Photo credit :

As I wrote this down, I felt guilty. Out of all the musical instruments, I fell in love with Cello.

I love the amazing music that was produce out by the cello. Yet, I had left  my dearest cello lying on top of my cupboard collecting dust.

I really hope one day I am able to play my favorite piece : Bach’ Cello Suite #1 – Prelude.

Time for some serious cello recap and  practices.

#9 : Able to sing an duet with my boyfriend

Jason Derulo For iHeartRadio Live

Being in school choir for almost 4 years, does not make me a good singing.

I really hate that I am tone deaf coming to singing.

I really hope I can sing so that I am able to sing a duet with my boyfriend.

#10 : Able to swim


 (Photo Credit :

Swimming is normal and simple for most people. We were put into swimming lessons during our Primary School as part of the curriculum.

I am a person who is weak in sports,especially when I have a little difficulty in coordinating my hands and legs at the same time.

I had always admire my friends who are able to swim well and stay fit by swimming.

#11 : Learn how to cycle


 Until now, I am still unable to master my balancing skill on an bicycle. Partly because,I am afraid of falling down.

Many years back, My ex boyfriend used to fetch my home from school in his bicycle and double bike cycling.

I love the feeling of the wind and the carefree feeling.

I wish I am able to cycle while explore the country side of other country.

Not forgetting, making cycling as a future family activities will be fun too.

#12 : Able to do Yoga


(Photo Credit :

I have a very stiff body and does not have a good body posture.

I hope I am able to learn and practice Yoga to help me increase the flexibility of my body.

It also a good way to distress too.

#13 : Be skinny forever


This is my favorite photo my of myself out of my 27 years.

This was taken on my birthday celebration 2 years ago.

I had and am on the bigger side. Not being able to maintain and achieved my ideal weight of 60 kg.

I am working hard to slim down back and achieve my ideal weight.

I really hope I will never grow fat.

#14 : Have a set of straight and white teeth

Healthy smile with braces

(Photo Credit :

Even thought, I have fear in visiting the dentist.

I really hope I am able to get braces on to straight my teeth. As well as undergo teeth whitening.

I really hope I can smile often and brighter with a set of straight and white teeth.

#15 : Lasik Surgery


(Photo Credit :

Ever since Primary Two, I had been wearing spectacles and my degree had been increasing until 900 now.

It was really troublesome to wear spectacles. I switch to contact lens a few years back. However, wearing contact lens causing even more problems to my eyes.

For now, I am advise by my doctor not to wear contact lens, but I really hate wearing spectacles. Especially, when it make my eyes look super small.

I decided to go toward Lasik Surgery to say goodbye to spectacles and contact lens.

#16 : Double Eye Lid Surgery


(Photo Credit :

For this, I don’t really encourage people to have it in their bucket list.

But for me, I really hope to have double eye lids surgery.

Applying eye make up on single eye lids was troublesome and it make my eyes look sleepy.

I really hope to have bigger and brighter eyes. Therefore, doing double eye lid surgery may just be the first step.

#17 : Have my own photoshoot


(Photo Credit :

You are only young once. I may not be photogenic or good in posing.

However, it great to experience new things in life. When I am old, I had the album to look back.

#18 : Have a Solo Oversea Trip


(Photo Credit :

I will like to embark on a solo trip to either Taiwan or Korea.

Travelling alone will be a very big adventure for me as I am dependent to the people around me.

I want to use the solo trip to rediscover myself and have a whole new experience.

I am looking forward to the challenge.

Since I am on the topic of travelling, I really hope I am able to travel around the world and visit every country on earth.

However, I listed out a list of countries which I really wish to visit for my Bucket List.

#19: Visit Japan during Spring


(Photo credit :

I will like to visit Japan during their spring especially during their Sakura Season.

Climbing up Mt Fuji will also be a great experience too.

Hello Kitty is also originated from Japan, how can I miss this wonderland where I can get lots of Hello Kitty.

#20 : Visit Okinawa Churami Aquarium


(Photo Credit :

I knew about Okinawa Churami Aquarium in ” The Return of Superman”. I really hope I am also able to have a chance to visit the Aquarium.

Okinawa Churami Aquarium is one of the biggest Aquarium in the world.

#19: Visit Gyeongbokgung Palace in Korea


(Photo Credit :

I was first expose to Traditional Korea Culture was through Dae Jang Geum 大長今.

Visiting Gyeomgbokgung Palace is like a dream come true as is one of the shooting site for Dae Jang Geum.

It is travelling back in time to that era.

#20: Wear Hanbok in Korea

red_and_white_hanbok_by_kimracequeen-d3g9d9d(Photo Credit :

As much as I like Korea culture, I hope I have  the chance to wear the traditional Hanbok or even owning one of it.

I love the simple yet elegant design of the Hanbok.

#21: Eat the different kinds of Korea Kimchi


(Photo Credits :

I have this huge love for Kimchi. Basically, I can eat white rice with kimchi only !!

There are hundreds of different version of Kimchi in Korea, I really hope I can try all of them.

#22: Watch a performance in Vienna State Opera House


(Photo Credit :

Vienna is know as the “City of Music” and ” City of Dream” .

During my childhood, I ever dream of being able to study music in Vienna. However. I am not talented in music to even fulfill the dream.

I really want to catch a Shakespeare’s play in Vienna State Opera House.

#23: A romantic kiss in Paris with Eiffel Tower


(Photo Credit:

I believe is every girl dream to visit Paris once in their life time. Paris is known as the most romantic country.

How romantic will it be to have a passionate kiss with your love one in Paris with the icon Eiffel Tower at the background.

I am falling in love with this picture. I had just changed my desktop wallpaper to this.

May my dream will come true one day…



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