Garfield Run with Jia Hui

Thanks to Hazel for giving me the chance to participate in Singapore first Garfield Run on behalf of her.

Garfield Run

I had always seen alot of my friends participating in Marathon Run or Fun Run. However, it had never cross my mind to participate in one.

Reason being, I feel that it is a waste of money to pay to run and I does not have the stamina to complete a 5km or even a 10km run. Most importantly, my boyfriend will not participate in them too.

However, this Garfield Run change my perspective in participating in Marathon Run.

After a whole afternoon of food tasting event, I met up with Jia Hui for the run. I am really excited as is my first run experience.


The Promontory @ Marina Bay had turn into a bright orange sea with over a total of 8,200 runners.

Garfield Run 4

Since it is a more relax and fun run as compare to marathon like Standard Chartered Run, Sun Down etc. Everyone is happily taking selfies and photos with the backdrops

Garfield Run 2

We participated in the 3km fun run. While waiting for the flag off, we get see  Garfield and Oldie. How could a themed character run without its mascot. We managed to get a quick shot with Garfield.

Garfield Run 5

Garfield Run 6

Garfield Run 7

In conjunction with Garfield Run, the National Day Preview was going on at the opposite side of the Singapore River.

Garfield Run 9

Finally, we completed the 3km run !


Garfield Run 10

Since there is National Day Preview, we decided to stay behind for the fireworks.

I finally understand the sense of achievement after completing the run. As well as, the feeling of when everyone having the same goal and working towards it.

I am looking forward to participate in more Marathon Runs in the future.

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