Genting Trip Day 1 (10Nov2012) ~❤

休息是为了走更长远的 路..
We had been busy since we started our part time studying. With our busy schedule,we barely have time for each other. We decided to have a short getaway. Genting was our 1st choice for this getaway.Reason being that it is relatively cheap and it had been long since my last visit. Basically, this whole trip was for the both of us to spend more time with each other and to really rest our tired metal and physical.
On the day, I met my boyfriend at Compass Point while we waited for our Five Star tour bus to fetch us. I am really happy that Five Star travel agency had increase the number of pick up point for. Most importantly, they have it at Sengkang which it just less then 20 minutes away from my house.I doesn’t need to wake up so early to travel all the way to Golden mile.Can save on taxi fare.
Finally, is time to set off in the comfortable 24 seater coach to Genting Highland.
After around one and a half hours, we reached Yong Peng for a short stop over to grab a quick breakfast before we headed on with out journey.
My boyfriend bought the chicken rice. According to him, the chicken rice doesn’t really tasted nice.
7 RM

I had the sizzling hotplate Hongkong noodle which seem to look nicer. However, it turned out normal. The sauce was abit bland, if the flavor was about more, it will taste much more nicer. The ingredients was little too, there only one small piece of chicken and 2 slices of mushroom and an egg.
7 RM

At Yong Peng, you are also able to buy some local tidbits as souvenirs or to munch on the bus.

Here some pretty views while we made our way up to Genting Highland.

After the next 5 hours of bus ride,we finally reached Genting Highland.

We are staying in First World Hotel.

After checking in to our room,we went out searching for our 1st meal in Genting. 

Our room for the getaway
Theme Park view from our room’s window
We decided to have our lunch at “Food For The Seasons” In this cafe, you need to pay service charges and government tax. 
I decided to have wanton mee soup. I don’t really like it. The char siew was tough and tasteless. The wanton was nice but it only have two. The soup was okay.
My boyfriend had the char siew and roasted meat rice.I like the char siew, it alot more tender and sweeter then mine.
We also ordered Hong kong style chee chong fan. It tasted nice. We went back to have it for our breakfast on the last day of the trip.

Food : 
Service :
Overall Rating : 

After our lunch, we went to walk around at the outdoor to enjoy the cold wind.
Next up, we went to Ripley’s Believe It or Not.
Ticket price for Ripleys  22RM
Ticket price for Ripley and Haunted house 39RM.
We went back to hotel for a little rest before we explore others parts of Genting.
Misty Night

We had our dinner at Mary Brown in theme park hotel.
I love their chicken porridge. The crispy garnish which I think it made by the frying the spring roll skins. It make the porridge even more yummy .The porridge was fragrant. The shredded chicken was nice too.
I love the Ah char.The vegetables was crunchy. I love the sourness with a hint of spiciness.

Food : 
Service :
Overall Rating : 
After dinner, we went to shop around before we headed back to hotel. 
Back to our room, I surprised my boyfriend with the Famous Amos cookie cake as a celebration to our 1st year anniversary.  

Thanks for everything my love. I love you deep deep. 
All the shop in First World Plaza will be open from 10am to 1am, between 9 November to 31 December. 
We are so lucky to be in Genting during this period for endless shopping.
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