Genting Trip Day 2 and 3 (11Nov2012-12Nov2012)~❤

Let the fun continue…

I am super excited for today. I want to go the Strawberry farm. It was also the day that I had my virgin visit to the casino.

We woke up very early to prevent long queue at the Genting Skyway.

Half way through the trip, It started raining.

Vintage carousel horse 
We decided to call off my trip to the strawberry farm and shopped around there. There not much shops available.Most of the shops were shop selling food that could be bring back. 

 Mountains of dried fruits
To ease my disappointment, I bought a packet of dried strawberry which was so yummy that I finished it before knowing and could take pictures of it.

After the Genting Skyway ride.We had our brunch at Coffee Terrance in Resort Hotel. The food variety was huge. However, I am abit disappointed with the dessert corner. They does not have cakes. I am huge fan of cakes.

Type of foods


Seafood soup

Makan Time ~

Overall, Coffee Terrance is more of the local delights buffet. I like the great variety of food but however some of the dishes were repeated. The food was yummy too. My favorite was the otah and the cream of carrot. I was disappointed as they does not have laska , satay and some other local delight. It will be perfect if they can increase the variety of deserts.

Food : 
Service :
Overall Rating : 
Total Spending : 136RM (SGD $54.40)
After our brunch, We went back to hotel for a quick rest and headed for Casino. 
It was my first time being in the casino and playing jackpot. It is fun but it get abit boring after awhile. I really admire those uncles and aunties who are able to sit there and play the whole day. They were really power. I am happy that I had a little mini win on my 2 game. I miss by a little bit to hit mini jackpot. However, my boyfriend and I ended up losing abit of our money but we had fun. 
After the casino, we went looking for food. 
We had our tea at Nyonya Colors.

Chee Chong Fan
The chee chong fan is not those normal one that we ate in singapore. It alot thinner, It like kway teow or Ipoh hor fun more. It came with two different sauce; black and red sauces. I prefer the black one. It yummy with the floss and the green chilis. 

 Mee Rebus
Food : 
Service :
Overall Rating : 

We went shopping again. I love endless of shopping.

Cute paper cut out
Hubby went to make the traditional seal / chop. 

 My loots for shopping !!

Nike sneakers
159RM (SGD $63.60)
Usual price $100 & abv
Nike T-shirt for boyfriend
79RM (SGD $31.60)
Usual Price $50&abv

Brands Inner Shine (Total 14 bottles)
RM40 (SGD $16)

Hello Kitty Mascara 

Hello Kitty Contact Lens Case
9.90 RM

Cards from Genting 
The things that I did the most in Genting was to EAT ! 
We had our dinner at Pizza Hut. 

Mushroom soup
I dont like the soup.It too thin and does not taste nice. 


Hawaiian Pizza
I still prefer Singapore Pizza Hut’s Pizza which taste alot nicer. 
Lemon Lime Chicken Chop
I totally dont like this dish. The chicken chop was over cooked causing the meat to be very tough. The sauce was not nice too. The mash potato was too instant. The veges was overcook. Last but not least, the serving was small. 
Food : 
Service :
Overall Rating : 

Pretty Carousel Horses 
After our dinner, we went to catch the movie Cold War. 

Finally, is the last day of our getaways.

Before I bid goodbye to Genting, We headed to Tangs Sales for last mintues of shopping.

See what I have gotten ? 
Paul Frank Tee
49.50RM (SGD $19.80)
Usual Price $60
On the way back to Singapore,we stop by Yong Ping for dinner again. This time we had Mee Rebus and Mee Soto. 

All the shop in First World Plaza will be open from 10am to 1am, between 9 November to 31 December. 
We are so lucky to be in Genting during this period for endless shopping.
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