Happy Teacher’s Day~❤

Teacher’s day is a day that every student will be looking forward to every year. Other then showing our appreciation to our teacher, school was on half-day.

It had been ages since I last went back to visit my teachers in my schools. I remembered during the first two years of my secondary school life, going back to our primary school to visit our teachers was what I am looking forward to. I also get to catch up with my primary school friends and share all our experiences.

I believe everyone has one or two teachers in their life that had make a huge impact on your life.

In my primary school day, there teacher that I really wants to thanks her greatly.

Mdm See – she was the fiercest teacher in our school.The moment she stands up on the stage and stare at the cohort. The whole school would went silent immediately. In class, I had always kept my silence when an question was thrown to me. She will always said these “Is it that diamonds and golds will drop out from your mouth if you open your mouth to talk” She may be strict but she is the best teacher ever. Without her, I don’t think i am where I will be now. She was always patient with us and tried our best to guide us as much as she can for our PSLE.

Not forgetting my secondary school’s teachers. Even though my experience in my secondary school days wasn’t very pleasant but I had never regret my choice of choosing it. There a few teachers who i really must thanks for supporting me,helping me in both my studies and personal life. Mrs Angela Lee, was our favourite form teacher as she is very approachable. Other than that , I must thanks Mrs Koh who will always scold my class guys when they started bullying me. I also need to thanks alot of teachers who help me greatly on my studies during my O level.

Dont ever forget your teacher and their teaching. They were the one who start shaping you to who you are today

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