Homemade Mango Ice Cream in 10 mins

I tried making ice cream a few years back with Ice Cream machine. However, I am unable to get the texture and tasted which I like.

The ice cream usually turned out tasting salty due to the salt content that was put in. I gave up making ice cream back then.

Recently, I found this amazing and simple recipe for ice Cream.

It only require you to have 2 simple ingredient, Heavy Cream and Condense Milk.  With this Ice Cream base, you can create all the different flavors of ice Cream you desire.

Since we are having the mango season now , I decided to make Mango Ice Cream.


Homemade Mango Ice Cream

(Make around 1 Liter of Ice Cream)

Ingredients :
Ice cream base :

300ml of Cold Heavy Cream

150ml of Cold Condense Milk (You can reduce accordingly to the sweetness)

Mango Flavor :

2 Ripe Mangoes


1) Chill your mixing bowl and beater in the freeze for 1 hours before you start making Ice Cream.

2) Blend the mangoes into mango puree. Set aside.

3) Beat cold heavy cream on medium in a stand mixer or using a hand mixer until stiff peaks form.

4) Pour the cold condensed milk into the whipped cream and mix well.

5) Pour in the mango puree and mix well.

6) Pour the ice cream into a container and freeze over night.

( Tip : I will put the container into a ziploc bag to freeze, this will prevent the Ice Cream to over freeze and make it too hard when you want to serve them.) 




I am looking forward to create more yummy Ice Cream Flavors.

Stay Tunes for more ..

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