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[Interview] Handmade Rock Candy by LollyTalk

Have you ever dreamt of having endless of candy or having a candy land during your childhood?


 (Photo credit :

I believe that every child in this world have this little dream cause I did too.

So, have any of your dream came true ?

Keow Yuen and Joy, the founders of a Homegrown Candyshop, LollyTalk had made this dream came true.

I have this great honor to have a chance to have a little interview with Keow Yuen at LollyTalk. Or should I said it as a good chat.


Keow Yuen is super friendly and fun guy to interact with. I really appreciate that he took time off to share with me.


1) What inspire you to learn candy making from Ross and Judy?

K: Due to my previous work, I had been travelling around for 8 years. It was tiring after awhile as age catch up… and I decided to settle down with some meaningful work back home. Since every child would love sweets as well as adults. I believe that there a child in everyone hearts. By chance, I had the pleasure to meet with Ross and Judy who are the Grand Champion Rock Candy in Australia. We are only 2 out of 6 students who gotten the chance to have the apprenticeship under them. Actually Ross and Judy are the authentic students of the original founder. But it is true that they guarded their recipe because it is something they improved very much on ever since it founded. Being the 2nd generation candy maker, I would say Ross and Judy perfected the art
of making lolly in their time.

2) What is special about LollyTalk?

K: BECAUSE OF YOU !!! That my reply to customers who asked me this question. Because of each individual customer make LollyTalk special. (* EH: I LOVE THIS ANSWER, IT SO SWEET.)

Here are some of the reasons :

i. We have the chance to learn from the original founders who were multiple-award winners – including Grand Champion Rock Candy – at the 2009 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards, Australia’s premium fine food event that is held annually to give recognition to outstanding producers in the Australian fine food industry. We had inherited the original recipes and the traditional way of making rock candies.

ii. We are also a 100% Homegrown Candy Maker and not a franchisee of the Aussies. Therefore, LollyTalk is a 100% Singapore Brand.

iii. We have a huge range of rock candies flavors that will be suitable for everyone. We are still open to develop more new flavors.

iv. We have ready customize rock candies for the customers for all different occasions in their life. You can easily purchase “Happy Birthday” rock candies or “I love you” rock candies and many more directly off our shelves without having to wait or preorder. This make it easier for the customers. We do also keep stocks for the different colors of the customize rock candies too for you to choose from. Through this, LollyTalk can play a small part in everyone’s life. This is also what I like about candy making.


3) Where do you usually get inspiration from for the different flavors of rock candies which LollyTalk sell?

K: LollyTalk always Listens to their customers and fans. At LollyTalk, we are constantly on the lookout for new flavors to improve the taste of our candies.

4) Which are your best selling LollyTalk rock candies’s flavors?

K: Everything in the shop is our best seller. If it the flavors are not selling well, we will remove it from the shop. We do have our Special Acquired Taste Collection which are very interesting and yummy. We do have flavors like Chilli Lime, Spicy Mango, Plum Guava etc. You will be able to tell the different about LollyTalk with other brands after tasting them.


EH: If you have to recommend one product which LollyTalk have, what will it be ?

K: I will recommended the Fruit Rock Mix. The Fruit Rock Mix won the Gold medal in the 2009 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards by our teachers,Ross and Judy. The Fruit Rock Mix consist of 19 different fruit flavors. You can have a try of all the different fruit flavors in a bottle.




5) What are the most challenging or fun rock candies design LollyTalk had made?

K: Every customize design have its own challenge and lots of fun. Once we overcome the challenge, it will be fine and fun making them. As for fun, it will be last year Christmas series, where we made Santa Claus and Snowman using a 3 rock candies combine together. As far as I know, most probably this is the first in the history of rock candies as no one had done it before.

1412654_740887369273545_3686753_o (Photo credit : LollyTalk’s Facebook)


It was really a great time chatting with Keow Yuen.

Have you wonder how does this yummy little rock candies is made? I wonder too. I only used to see people who make rock candies cutting the thin long strip of candy into smaller bits.

Thanks Keow Yuen and Joy for arranging to show me the whole process of candy making.


The process of cooling down of sugar and mixing in the flavors

The process of customizing the design in the rock candies
I believe the part of the process which everyone know is the pulling of the sugar on the hook. According to Keow Yuen, the process will turn the sugar shiny.


Last process of shaping the huge sugar into small strips and cutting them into small little candies
Dont be surprise if you walk pass or visit them at LollyTalk when they are making the rock candies, Keow Yuen and Joy will usually narrate the process of the making. According to them, this is the tradition which they inherit from their teachers,Ross and Judy. It create a more fun and interactive atmosphere in the candy shop.

After watching the whole process of the customization of the rock candy, I really want to salute to them. The whole process was really very tedious as they have to keep switching the sugar between the hot table and the cold table in order to achieve the ultimate temperate for the candy. Every little rock candy we put into our mouth is all their hard work.

That not the end, Keow Yuen had also demonstrated the making of rocky candy lollipops using the rest of the sugar.


The lollipops are soo cute. They remind me of Christmas’s candy cane as it’s cranberry flavor.


I have a freshly made rock candy lollipop ! As I am writing the post, the song “Lollipop” by The Chordettes kept ringing in my mind and making me crave for lollipop now.


*Lollipop Lollipop Oh Lolli Lolli Lolli Lollipop*
LollyTalk do customization of rock candy for corporate events, weddings, baby shower, birthday parties etc etc. LollyTalk are able to customize various lettering and some simple logo design base your your requirement. LollyTalk also provide customization on the packaging to suite your events.

Here are some examples of LollyTalk rock candy customization.


 (Photos credit : LollyTalk’s Facebook)


If you are shopping at Plaza Singapura , do drop by at LollyTalk to visit them and their friendly staff or even sample their sweets.


LollyTalk is located at 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura B2-20

Spot their super cute mascot, Rocky as well as Singapore Courtesy Lion, Singa just right outside their shop too..

Check out Rocky’s adventure at the Candy Island by Clicking Here.


I will love to really thanks Keow Yuen for being a great host and sharing with me. Not forgetting, thanks for sponsoring me all the wonderful and yummy candies.


Check out some of the special rock candies I have ..


7 different flavor of LollyTalk Acquired Taste Collection

Sour Lemon Rock Candy Level 1 -3

31Sour Fruit Rock Candy Series

32Butterfly Mix and Rainbow Mix

1Motivation Mix



LollyTalk at Plaza Singapura B2-20
TOY OUTPOST at Vivo City #02-27
TOY OUTPOST at Bugis Junction #03-10B
HAKO at NEX #B2-19/20
HAKO at Causeway Point #04-29
HAKO at Bedok Mall #B2-21
HAKO at 313 Somerset #B3-09
PEEK-A-BOX at Bugis+ #05-10
 Selected Times NewsLink at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1-3

For more information about LollyTalk, Check these out :


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