IPPIN CAFE BAR – Enjoy Homecook Japanese Food

Situated along the Mohamed Sultan Road, there a humble Japanese restaurant which serve homecook Japanese Food which better then mom’s cooking.


Ippin Cafe Bar was opened in October 2014 by Ms Ayumi Fujishiro.

Ippin Cafe Bar is a cozy cafe where can be your hidden hangout, an unassuming lunch/dinner spot, a seat at a sake bar or weekend chill out place.

In Ippin Cafe Bar, they serve home styled classic Japanese food.

Be sure that, you will be able to find your comfort food in Ippin Cafe Bar.


Yakisoba Set ($12 Nett)

Yakisoba is a Japanese daily food. It’s like our normal Chinese Fried Noodle which most of our mom will cook. The buckwheat noodle was flavored perfectly with their Ippin’s savory sauce.

I love the combination of the cabbage and carrots in the Yakisoba. The crunchiness of the cabbage had enhanced the taste of the dish.


Oyakudon Set ($15 Nett)

Oyakudon is one of my favorite Japanese main course. The egg was silky and paired nicely with the tender chicken bite. Even though, I prefer rice with more sauce, I felt that they had too much dashi as the rice was literally soaking in them. It will be great if the dashi was just right.

For a Oyakudon Set at $15 Nett with Miso Soup and Hojicha Pudding, I will definitely be back for it.

The oysters which are served in Ippin Cafe Bar are from Hiroshima Prefecture where they are famous for their oysters in Japan. Rest assure on the quality of the oyster.

To be true, this is the first time I tried oyster. Previously, I always felt that oyster have a very strong fishy smell and slimy. This time round I kind of enjoy the both cooking method of oysters served by Ippin Cafe Bar.


Deep Fried Oyster Set ($24 Nett)


The oysters were lightly coated with bread crumbs batters making it crispy on the outside. I like the light wasabi egg mayo.

It does not have much of the wasabi taste, but the  little pieces of egg white chunks had leveled the wasabi mayo. How I hope they sell the wasabi egg mayo.


Grilled Oyster & Veggies in Ponzu Butter Sauce Set ($20 Nett)


Here the big juicy oyster which Ippin Cafe Bar served. The oysters are grilled in Pongzu (Yuzu vineger) butter. Along with the grilled vegetables, the oyster was indeed have a refreshing taste.

Both the oyster sets are served along with Hatcho Miso Soup, Nikujaga pork and potato stew, Salad and Houjicha Pudding.

To pair along with the oysters dishes that we are having, we had Sakae.



The Sakae was smooth and refreshing. According to the person in charge, the sakae will taste slightly different when you drink from the wooden cup.


What best to go with seafood other than Sakae is Beer. I tried their Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Beer Koshihikari Ale. The beer is make with Koshihikari, one of the most famous and delicious type of Japanese Rice.

The beer is very light and smooth. It had a slightly nutty and sweetness it in. Perfect for the hot and humid weather recently.

Overall, Ippin Cafe Bar is a great cafe bar to chill and relax while enjoying good Japanese food with your friends. Other than dinning, you are also able to have a little shopping spree at Ippin Cafe Bar. They offers various Japanese products and condiments.

Ippin Cafe Bar

Address : 18  Mohamed Sultan Road
Tel : 6733 4794
Operating Hours : Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm

FB :

(Note : This is an invited event)

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