Life is precious ~❤

Life is precious.Treasure the people around now especially your love ones. Dont wait till the day when you are going to lose them then you start treasuring.

I am a person who had very low EQ. I dont know know how to connect with people around me. That why , even my relationship with my own family is not very good. Even my close friends or friends, we seldom meet each other up. I think everyone will face the same issue with friends. Ever since , we leave school , we had all been busy with our personal n work life. How many of us really care and love the people around us ?
I am ashamed to say that i only realize this today ! My dearest godmum is facing a big fight for her life into to survival. She had been my godma for years but how many times i had visited her or care for her ? Maybe i can count with both of my hands. Is only when i found out that , she was diagnose with cancer , i started to call her everyday. I really hope i am at Los Angeles now to take care of her , being there with her.
This afternoon , i received call from my godbro to update me on my godmum’s condition. I was really shock to know that i almost lost her this afternoon. Thanks god for saving her !! My heart just sank and tears just simply burst out upon hearing the news. Me and hubby had been wanting to go over to LA to visit her when we know that she was sick in early last 2 mth. But due to financial constraint and some other personal issue , we did not go over. Now i want to visit but i am really not being able to go over due to my upcoming new job. All i can do now is to make sure my life stable down and she doesn’t not need to worry about me. I commit to myself that , i am am going to call her every few days or every day.
Life is so uncertain , so scary ! You will not be able to know what will happen to yourself or your love ones the next moment. Everything can happen to anyone. We should start treasuring people around us.
I really must thank god for not taking my godmum away from me !
From today onwards , i am going to appreciate life more and treasure my love ones more ,
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