Marie France : Please let me be slimmer and slimmer~❤

Slimming is never ending process and wants for every girl and woman. Everyone hopes and crave to achieve the perfect body shape and be skinny. So am i ?

I used be weight 82kg almost 2 years ago. I took a lot of courage to take the first step to start my dieting and exercising. Thanks to my boyfriend support, I managed to slim down to 62kg within a period of 1.5 months. Even though, I managed to slim down 20kg, my body become flabby especially my arms and legs. I really hope to achieve the perfect firm body with the nice contour line.
Thanks to OMY and Marie France for giving me the chance to try out their slimming session. Here my experience on “Intelect Spot Shaping (ISS) “and “Contour Sculpt Body System”.

Before I started my session. The beauty consultant took my weight and my fat percentage in my body. The nutritionist was very friendly and had gave me some healthy advise for me to maintain my weight and even to slim down more.

Since my arms were all flabby. I decided to target on my flabby arms, hoping that Marine France will help me to firm it up. The Intelect Spot Shaping(ISS) will help me to firm up. The beauty consultant applied their special slimming firming gel on my arms. After that, they used a ultra sound machine to massage the gel into my arms. You can feel that the gel is absorbing into the body. After the 20mins of the ultra sound treatment, the beauty consultant helped me to massage arms to help the gel to absorb faster as while as to firm up the flabby arms. Finally the last steps, is to wrap my arms with their special clothes to firm up. I really enjoyed the whole session.


As for the Contour Sculpt Body System, the consulted help me to do their exclusive slimming wrap to slim down my tights.

Here are some of their promotion.

Overall, I love the whole session. I strongly recommend Marie France Bodyline if you are thinking of going to a slimming center. Their staff dont hard-sell and they were friendly and nice. Rest assure that they will provide you with their professional knowledge on slimming.
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