MiWand 2 Review~❤

My boyfriend just bought the MiWand 2 from Simlim Square at S$130 after bargaining with the shop owner. So I am going to do a review on this handy gadget today, based on his input of course.

MiWand 2 is a mobile scanner that allows you to scan without a computer or software. Simply gliding the scanner over the surface of a page and the scan is done. It is produced by Avision which is a Taiwanese company and it has received the 2012 Red Dot Award.

Included in the package are 4GB Micro SD, 2 AA RECHARGEABLE Batteries and CHARGER, and a software (Presto PageManager) which apparently we have not used before. Just the 2 rechargeable batteries and charger
are worth the price, because they might already cost S$20-30.

The scans will be stored in the Micro SD and you will be able to transfer them out via the port at the side.

First look at the MiWand 2, my boyfriend was very skeptical of its capabilities. The gadget itself is very light and only powered by 2 AA batteries. How can this small gadget compare to a flatbed scanner?

We had tested out the MiWand 2 and were amazed by its quality.

Scans by MiWand 2:

Scans by a flatbed scanner:

At 100% Crop,

MiWand 2:

 Flatbed scanner:

From the results, MiWand 2 can actually produce excellent scans, comparable to that of a normal flatbed scanner. It can scan up to 600 DPI, which is quite sufficient for most people. Overall, we find that it is a good mobile scanner. However, the MiWand 2 uses a lot of power and discharges the batteries after 20-30 scans. Maybe it is due to the light and capturing required during scanning that uses a lot of power. The MiWand 2 also requires the user to scan on a relatively flat surface, so that the scan will be optimal. We had tried scanning a book without placing it on a flat surface, the scans

appeared to be stretched or skewed.

In conclusion, we will recommend this gadget for people who need to scan documents on the go, without the need to carry bulky flatbed scanner!

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