After the successful broadcast of Jack Neo’s movie, Ah Boys To Men, I was tempted to watch the third installment of the frachise, Ah Boys To Frogmen. The movie depicts all the happenings in the predecessors and explores what might happened should the boys have been assigned to the Naval Diving Unit aka NDU. Long story short, it shows how recruits endure the tough and arduous tranings to become the elites of NDU.

This movie is tied with tears, laughters and strong chemistry could be felt through the interactions of the actors and actresses. No doubt that the first and second part of the franchise had bonded the team and hence, able to produce a movie which really captured the camadarie of army life. Every individuals has improved in their acting skills and are able to express their emotions clearly.

Most COMMENDABLE  actor would be Lobang King potrayed by Wang Wei Liang. The scene where he has to struggle between his love for his mum and the need to report the case is heart wrenching to watch. He really captured the emotion really well. This would not have been possible without the impressive acting from his on-screen drug addict mum, potrayed by Aileen Tan.




Finally, I love how in this film, the essence of brotherhood is emphasized throughout the film. Supporting each other and enduring this training that not all recruits would be able to take it, be it mentally or physically. Hell week was another stage where their minds and bodies are push beyond their limits. NDU training is definitely not a bed of roses, but with a bunch of encouraging teammates by your sides, training will feel less harsh and easier to endure.

The Elites of the Deep

The Elites of the Deep


This movie ends with an impressive underwater graduation parade for the frogmen. I was at awe and amazed as this is not what I normally see.

Overall, this is a great movie with a mix of laughs and touching moments with an insight of how NDU’s life is like. Worth every dollar of your ticket!

Catch ” Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen ” in all local cinemas from 19 Feb 2015 !

 Overall Rating: ❤❤❤❤

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