Movie Review on TED ~❤

If one day , your teddy bear came alive. How will be your reaction? I think I will go screaming and running out of my room. On the other hand, I really wish that my teddy bear will come to live one day. Isnt it a cool thing? It can be yours best accompany when you are lonely or feeling down. Maybe relying on a bear will be a lot better then a human being. At least, it will be your forever friend, your thunder buddy~❤

This movie is really super funny and crude. I cant stop laughing. In this movie , instead of the usual innocent image of a teddy bear. Ted was portrait as a little man as he smoke,drive,drink beer,working and even flirting. Ted even become a well-known celebrity too and raise to fame. The main character, John and Ted had been relying alot of each other presence. John had decided to ask Ted to leave when he came back home and realise that Ted had brought home 4 hooker to their house. Ted was force to go to work as a cashier in the supermarket in order to fund for his own apartment. It is super hilarious when he saw an pretty new colleague at the supermarket.
When John and Lori was attending an event, Ted called John up asking hiim to rush over to his place. Ted was holding a party at his house and had managed to invite their childhood hero. However, this made Lori decided to break up with John. Only then, Ted realise that there something that he need to do to fix them back together.Here came the touching part of the story. Ted was kidnapped by the a man and his son who had been obsess with Ted. Ted managed to contact John while playing hide and seek with the man’s son. Without thinking, John and Lori went to rescue Ted. However, Ted did not make it in the end. He fell off and was tore apart. Ted was dead. John and Lori rushed back home to try to sew back Ted.However, they didn’t manage to bring Ted to life. Lori realise that Ted had become part of her life. She made a wish for Ted to be back to life.
Other then being a comedy, i feel that it is bringing across message. Treasure those people who are still by yours side. You cant bring them back with a wish.

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