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This is the first time that I know about Moxibustion from Da Tong Chinese Physician Acupuncture and Tunia.
Moxibustion therapy is a Traditional Chinese Medical treatment that assists in dispelling cold and damp from the body. It is useful in helping with a wide range of conditions including aches and pains even poor digestion.
Moxibustion is the burning of an herb called Mugwort. The herbs or moxa come in different forms like cigar-like rolls, raw rice grain size pieces etc. In TCM, Mugwort is considered to be warm, acrid and bitter when used in herbal prescription. When burnt, it has the similar properties and thus it is warming the body channels. The bitter and acrid aspects of Mugworth can helps to break stagnation, clear phlegm and rectify the qi and blood. Moxibustion can consider to be a parallel therapy to acupuncture, being used to stimulate qi flow at points on the body that are selected for their specific function. There two form of moxibustion either direct or indirect.  
Moxibustion therapy is useful for many disorders including digestive orders such as diarrhea, food stagnation, painful periods, painful periods (menstruation cramps), sexual dyfunction, poor concentration or memory, sports injuries, frozen shoulders, colds and flu. 
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Products used during treatment
Moxibustion therapy can help to improve insomnia, kidney problem, stiff neck and shoulder, ovarian and spine problem. I having insomnia and bad menstruation cramps. The lady boss recommended me to do the Moxibustion for my insomnia as the effect will be more observe. For my menstruation cramps problems, She advised that it will be best to do the Moxibustion therapy before my menstruation. 
The whole Moxibustion Therapy consist of 4 parts. The total treatment lasted for 1.5 hours.
Part 1 : Massage using the medicated essential oil 
To start off the whole Moxibustion therapy, the ladyboss massaged the medical essential oil into my tummy. It will also help to loosen up the jing mai to help the absorption of the essential oil. The ladyboss is very professional and massage from the within. When she massage, I can feel that it not as smooth. According to the ladyboss that alot of jams in my jing mai.
After the jing mai is loosen up. We proceeded with the second stage of the whole therapy. 
Part 2 : Gui Sha

Gui Sha will help to scrap off the “coldness” in the body. It also help to detox. The lady boss is very detail and careful. She will keep asking me whether is it painful. 

Part 3 : Application of mineral mud

The lady boss applied the mineral mud at the various acupuncture points on my tummy and leg.

Part 4 : Moxibustion

In Da Tong TCM, the moxa that they used come in cigar-like form. They will light up the cigar-like moxa using heat from it to allow the herbs to penetrate into the body. I was kind of worry about the heat at first. Starting it abit warm as it was placed above the acupuncture points, slowly it started to get the burning sensation. It still bearable. However, the burning level that you will experience depending on individual body. According to the lady boss, cause my body is weak and there alot of toxic that jams in the body. Therefore, I will experience a sharp burning sensation as the moxa is trying to penetrated through. I could literally feel the moxa entering by body.

After the moxibustion therapy, I had a better sleep and took me lesser time to fall asleep for the next few nights.

Last but not least.. PROMOTION !!!

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