Night Festival 2012~❤

I had never want to miss the annual Night Festival. It was like the most happening event in the year. Most important , you were able to visit majority of the museum for free.

This year, I had the luxury to be accompany by 3 guys, my boyfriend and his university friends to the events.

Before we embarked on our journey, we had our dinner at Suki-ya (Marina Square).Thanks guys for going to one of my favourite eat-out place. We were super hungry after the long wait due to the long queue.We were all busy eating,therefore i didn’t took any pictures.

After our dinner, we headed to the Night Festival.We were welcome by a few street busker.I think that the highlight of the night as they were having the busking competition. We were given stickers to cast our votes. The busker with the highest no. of stickers get to win. Wonder who wins the competition ?

Thank you for your vote

Voting Sticker

We make our way to Singapore Art Museum. I love the lighting that was projected on the building. It brighten up up the whole skyline.

After enjoying the wonderful light projection. We embarked on an artistic journey in the Singapore Art Museum.

Scary forest via shadow

Beaniiees ~

This one of the exhibition that i like most. Different images of life had be craved out of the metal.It came with meaning working too.The light in the chapel cast the shadows through craving onto the walls. It gave the whole exhibition hall an wonderful atmosphere.

“Though the saying may be bitter,the truth is always beautiful”

Stay Focus

What your views on this few art pieces ?

Share your views at the comments below (:

We went to shop at the museum label. Here some pretty souvenirs.

As we make our way to the Singapore National Museum. We past by the SMU field where they held the beat box concert by DJ Koflow and his team.

Other then Singapore Art Museum, Singapore National Museum also having the lighting projection. However, at National Museum, the imagines that were projected were the different images of singapore.I love the stary stary projection.

Reaching for the stars

Our Last stop of the day, Singapore National Museum. We just made a quick tour around the museum as most of the exhibition were the same as last year.

Photography competition

Raffle Monogram

Coffee shop mugs

Walter colouring book

We went to the wedding dress exhibition. It really an eye-opener as the wedding dress was so much different from what we have now. From the design of the wedding dress, it strongly reflects that the society was very conservative back in the past. The design of the dresses were much more simpler.However, it abit disappointing as the exhibition does not shows the revolutions of the dresses from the past to the presents.

Personally, i am quite disappointed with this year Night Festival.I am not sure it is due to the timing that i went or what. It was not as happening as compare to the previous year. There also lesser crowd, it may be one of the reason why i feel that there not much atmosphere.Most of the exhibition that was showcase in the national museum was the same as the previous year.Therefore, it is a bit boring for returning visitor.There not much of interaction this year. However, i still look forward to next year Night Festival.Next year, i shall check out the different events happening so that i wont miss any of them.

To round up the night, we had our supper at Rocher beancurd.

Lastly, I really need to thanks my boyfriend and his friends for being such a great accompany.Also being patient with me while I was taking photos. Most important, having all my favourite food together with me~❤
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