OMY Event : Get hot with Domino’s ~❤

Thank to OMY for the invitation to the food tasting session and Domino’s pizza for the yummy pizzas.~

The moment I saw the invitation to this event where we get to try Domino’s new pizza flavour,Sambal. The first thing that came into my mind was ” SAMBAL PIZZA ??? WILL IT TASTE WEIRD ?? ” I believe no one can imagine that our local Sambal chili can be use to make into pizza.

With the curiosity, I signed up for this event.This it my first OMY blog event that I am attending.*Excited*

This is also the  first time, I am eating Domino’s Pizza. Before this event, all I knew about Domino’s Pizza was a take away counter at Kovan whenever my bus passed by. I had never realize that we will be able to dine in too.

Lots thanks to Domino’s Pizza for the free vouchers and magnet

Awaiting for the event to start 
We were address by the Country Operations Manager of Domino’s Pizza Singapore, Mr Keith Brown. 
He shared with us the process of coming up with this new Sambal flavor as while as the problems that they faces during the process. Coming up with new ideas and going through the long stages of R&D was really tedious. It make me appreciated the new flavor more. 

Sambal Chili Sauce 
We get to try out the Sambal Chili Sauce that is use as for the base of the pizza. It is also the main factor in this new pizza flavor. The Sambal Chili Sauce does not taste really spicy like those we may have in the market. It is more mild and will be able to be accepted by public.I love the after taste of the sauce. It have a sweet sweet after taste. 
Ikan bilis 
Can anyone ever imagine that having Ikan bilis on pizza ? They really did a great job with this wonderful idea. 
What are we waiting for ? PIZZA TIME ~ 
Let our camera fill its tummy first 
Tropical Sambal Prawn 
Tropical Sambal Prawn is one of the main sambal pizza they have introduce. It is topped with succulent prawns marinated in herbs and spices, fresh onions , pineapple , red peppers and basil. Personally, I prefer it to be on the crunchy thin crust. 

Traditional Sambal 
This my favorite pizza. It is topped with shredded chicken, anchovies, fresh onions, picked chili and green pepper. It is special and tasted perfectly yummy. I think that everyone should give this a try. 

Sambal Surf and Turf 
This will be a combination of prawn and chicken. Sambal Surf and Turf is topped with succulent prawn marinated in herbs and spices, shredded chicken, fresh onions, pineapple , red pepper and basil.
Sambal Veggie
Not forgetting the Veggies Lover. Sambal Veggie is topped with fresh mushrooms, green pepper, onions, olive and tomatoes. 
Other then Pizzas, Domino’s Pizza also provide a wide range of side dishes that you are able to add on to your meal. 

I love the chocolate lava cake. It extremely chocolaty. The moment you poke your spoon in, you can feel the warm and running chocolate fudge.

Other the yummy pizzas and foods. I get to know 3 awesome girls. It really a great pleasure knowing the girls. Hope to catch up and see them soon (:

❤ Visit their blog too (:

Yum Yum 

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