Panasonic Beauty WorkShop by Beauty Guru, Bryan Gan

I was happy to be given the opportunity by to attend the Panasonic Beauty Workshop by Beauty Guru, Bryan Gan.


If you have watch 女人我最大 Singapore version, you will be familiar with Bryan. Bryan is the Singapore representative in that show and he has been appearing for the past three seasons.

I will be sharing with you on the tips that Bryan had shared during the workshop. Please continue reading on..

Let us go back to the very basic of Breathing.


“Remember to breathe. It is after all, the secret of life.”― Gregory Maguire

Breathing is the most important physical activity but often taken for granted. Here some of the benefit of breathing which I found online :

– help to provides a more rejuvenated appearance to the skin overall, as well as naturally decreases dark circles and under eye bags.
– the more healthy, oxygenated blood flowing through your body also slows the aging process by reducing the amount of free radicals and cleansing the body of toxins.
– A more positive mood is almost always one of the changes people who begin to practice deep breathing. When you’re happy and feeling good, it shows. You’re positive vibes will radiate from you’re entire being and you’ll look naturally beautiful.
– lowered levels of cortisol and lactate which are two of the chemicals the body has been found to release when feeling stressed. These chemicals released a result of stress lower skin’s resistance to toxins and affects the tone and evenness of your complexion as well. The less you experience the release of these chemicals, the better it is for your skin.

Bryan had share this 3 steps breathing exercise which will help you to reactive the stem cells in our body.

1. Inhale through your nose for 4 seconds
2. Hold your breath for 7 seconds
3. Exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds

Advise : Do the 3 steps breathing exercise 3 times daily in the morning and before you sleep to achieve the best results

Other then the breathing exercise, the food we consume play a part in our skin care.

We was introduce to Wild White Fungus 野生银耳.

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I have been hearing a lot about White Fungus from my mother and online about the benefit of it. White Fungus is the cheaper version of bird nest. It can help to moisten and clear our lungs. Most important to us, girls is that it has anti-aging properties.

Massage is also a very important yet not frequent skin care techniques use in Singapore. I had been a fan of 女人我最大 Taiwan. Every beauty gurus who attend the show including Bryan has emphasis on it.

Panasonic Beauty had came out with an amazing product, Panasonic Facial Roller (Model: EH-SP32-S421) to stream line the whole massage process and make it easier to master.



Panasonic Facial Roller  (Model: EH-SP32-S421) come with two removable roller ;  the flat headed and round headed roller.  It can help you tighten your skin on your face as well as reliving muscle ache.There is also a heating element to give a warming effect on your skin for better blood circulation.The cordless design allow you to bring the facial roller everywhere especially during travelling.  I believe the Panasonic Facial Roller will be your best travel companion to keep you pretty throughout your trip.


You can use the Panasonic Facial Flat Headed Roller to roll in upwards direction to prevent your skin from sagging. 15X for each part of the face.


For the round headed roller:

You can use the Panasonic Facial Round Headed Roller for your jaw line to achieve the V-shape face. You can also use it on the back of your neck and even to reduce your butterfly wings. I seriously need this product. 8X for each side of your jaw line and 15X for the back of the neck.

Do note that you do not require to apply any moisturizer before doing the massage. You can apply a very thin layer of moisturizer if you have very thin skin.

Cleaning the Panasonic Facial Roller was pretty easy and convenient. You just simply wipe the roller clean with baby wipes or antiseptic alcohol free wipes.

Panasonic Facial Roller will retailing at a special price of $159 (including delivery and GST) U.P $189

Next up, we are introduce to this amazing Corn Silk.



Corn Silk can help  to reduce water retention in the body and at our eyes area. It is also a very good ingredient for Detox.

All you need to do is boil the corn silk in water for 10 mins and you can drink it.

Our eyes is the window to our soul. We must take care of our eyes. Especially nowadays when we spent most of our time staring and using our mobile phones and computer.

The Panasonic’s Eye Warming Massager (Model: EH-SW50) have two types of vibrating massage modes that help you to relieve eye strain.  It also emits warm steam that moisturizes and improve blood circulation around the  eye area. This will help to reduce dark eyes circles and eyed bag.



The Panasonic’s Eye Warming Massager (EH-SW50) is retailing at $249.

Next Panasonic product that help you in your skin care regimen is the Panasonic Compact Facial Steamer (Model: EH-SA31). Face steaming is not a new technique toward skin care and is very common.  Face steaming can help to  naturally cleanse your face and open up your pores for better absorption of beauty products. It also help to reduce facial oil and sebum and refine pores for smoother skin.

Panasonic Compact Facial Steamer emits nano particle ion steam to help to provide deep mositure retention and increase firmness and suppleness.


You can drop a few drops of essential oils like rose, lavender on a cotton pad and stick it at the mouth of the facial steamer.

During the workshop, Bryan used  Rose Geranium Essential Oil. Rose Geranium Essential Oil is good for female hormones balance and release stress.

Panasonic Compact Facial Steamer is retailing at a special price of  $174 (including delivery and GST) U.P $199

After steaming your face, it is advisable to splash cold water onto your face to close the pores. Alternatively, you can use Panasonic Facial Cool Putter (Model : EH-SQ10)  to cool your face.


Panasonic Facial Cool Putter is retailing at a special price of $109 (including delivery and GST) U.P $129

Bryan had also recommend us to drink  chrysanthemum tea to help to improve your inner beauty.


Yellow Chrysanthemum is good for people having headache. White Chrysanthemum can help to reduce puffy eyes. Baby Chrysanthemum Bud can help to detox. While Wild Chrysanthemum can help in detox too, it is too “cold” for the body, not advisable to drink daily.

Lastly, is Dried Longan.


Drinking Dark Longan with Red Date tea regularly can help in skin  radiance and improve blood circulation. If you are having Insomnia, you can boil Longan with their seed and drink.

Indeed, it was a great and fruitful session with Bryan. I had learnt alot on how to take care of both mine outer and inner beauty.


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