In conjunction of Singapore 50, The Square @ Novotel Clarke Quay is launching a Peranakan themed Buffet Line by Chef Kishen for the month of August.

Every month, The Square will launch a different themed buffet line. For the month of July, it was “Sweet Indulgences” by Chef Sin Siak featuring his cakes and desserts creations.


I am honour to be invited through Open Rice to have the first insight and taste of the upcoming Peranakan Buffet Line as well as the chance to try out the July “Sweet Indulgences”.

What will be the first dish you can think of coming to Peranakan cuisine?

For me is Ayam Buah Keluak!

Novotel18This is one of the most traditional classic Peranakan food that require long hours of preparations and experience.

I have yet find an Ayam Buah Keluak that give me the WOW effect.

To aid the eating experience, the chicken was not stuff into to Buah Keluak Shell.

The tender and juicy chicken accompanied with the nutty flavor from the Buah Kelauak made a perfect combination. If they could be lighter on salt that will be perfect.

Next up, Babi Pongteh, stewed pork with fermented soya bean.


Instead of the traditional pork belly, Chef Kishen prepared the Babi Pongteh with Pork Ribs. I am not really a big lover of Pork Ribs.

I love the potatoes and mushrooms which had absorbed all the savoury sauce. The sauces goes perfectly well with rice.

After some savory food, let’s trigger your taste buds with spices.

Devil’s Curry!!


As mention in the name of the dish, it is a Devil! Chef Kishen uses fresh ingredients like Chilli Padi, Turmeric and other herb to cook up the base of the Devil.

The chicken had absorbed the fragrance of the different condiments making it extra tasty.

Try at your own risk to feel the burning sensation in your mouth!!


The Nonya Style Assam Fish was served in both steam and deep fried styled.

It does not have much of the Assam taste of sourness with hint of spicy. It will be great if the gravy can be more flavorful.

Personally, I felt that serving a whole fish at buffet line may not look too appetizing after a few rounds, I will prefer in to be in fish slices or fish fillets style.

Time to cool off your taste buds with Bakwan Kepiting.


Taking in consideration of diners who may be allergic to seafood, Chef Kishen had substituted the traditional crab meat with chicken.

I love the firm and springy texture of the meatballs. However, the soup base was on a saltier side which I believe can be improved on easily.

Let’s end with a crunch.


The super crunchy Kueh Pie Tee cup filled with appetizing mixture of  turnips, prawns and eggs made a good end or start to the meal.

No!! We are not done with food yet..

Other than the Special Peranakan Menu, THE SQUARE also be serving the resident dishes at the buffet line.

THE SQUARE served a good combination of Asian and Western food including some local delights like Laska, Rojak etc


Oysters Fritters is an amazing accident creation by Chef Jimmy.  The lightly tempura coated oyster simply burst in flavor when you bite into it.

The special sauce combination of both spicy and salty brought out the sweetness of the oyster.



Chicken Shawarma is one of the must eat item on the buffet line.  The well marinated chicken slices was succulent. The veggies added crunch and made the wrap super delicious.


The laska did not disappoint me, the laska gravy was surprisingly thick and flavorful. The light fragrant of the coconut milk linger in your mouth after every mouthful of gravy. The bee hoon was cooked perfectly too. Most importantly, you can choose your favorite ingredients you like for your laska.

After all these yummy food, I was full to my brim of my throat. I does not want miss out of the Cheese Mushroom Risotto. Instead of using the powder Parmesan, they scrapped the Parmesan cheese directly from the cheese wheel.


This is the best Risotto I ever had. Those that I had before was either overcook or under cook, however the chef did it perfectly. The risotto rice was nicely incorporated with the creamy mushroom sauce. Every grain of Risotto rice was bursting with flavors.

As mention previously in this post, July buffet line theme was “Sweet Indulgences”. Being a sweet tooth, how can I miss that out even thought I am super full after all the main courses. I selected out some of my favorite cakes.

Novotel9The Lemon Meringue Tart was light and refreshing. The Meringue is so light and fluffy. It simply melt in your mouth like marshmallow.


A combination of Raspberry and Earl Grey was pretty new to me. However, I don’t really taste much of the Earl Grey as the Raspberry was a bit overpowering. Nevertheless, it tasted good with the chocolate.


This is my favourite out of all the cake selection, Nutty Chocolate Cake. A layer of crispy crust made with nuts along with the rich dark chocolate mousse was too irresistible.



The Durian Pengat was their signature desserts and it a definite must try. The Durian Pengat was rich yet light, I wonder how the chef achieve the amazing texture. Instead of the normal sugar, the chef used Gula Melaka to bring out the flavor of the Durian Pengat. Apart from the richness of the durian, you are able to taste the light sweetness and fragrant of the Gula Melaka. I am seriously craving for it now!!

The Peranakan themed buffet is available on 1st August to 31 August 2015 during dinner servings only.

Dinner start from 6.00pm – 10.00pm

Adult @  $58++

Child (5-16 years old) @ $40++

Senior Citizen (above 55 years old) @ $40++



Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay,

177A River Valley Road Level 7 s(179031)


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