PHiesta II ~❤

Things that i really enjoyed and loved this year, is family time with Vincew ‘s family. Today, was Eunice and Eugene s’ big day in school. It was so nice to have a step down concert to add on beautiful memories to their secondary school years.

Thinking back to my secondary school days.Even thought, there alot of dramas and unhappy encounter.There still alot of wonderful memories during my school and choir days.
Met Vincew after work to go down together. We managed to grab some bites @ NEX before we headed over to Payalebar Methodist Girls. On the way over , there a bunch of students who bought the bus, as assume we think they were headed to the concert too. Suddenly i feel so old.
Once we reach there , we meet up with vincew’s parents before heading to our seats.At first , i thought we were late but however , the crowd just started to scroll in @ around 720pm. Vincew was totally spoilt with choice for all the xmms.. but too bad not much good looking xdd for me to see.hahas. We really have lots of fun looking at people. Sound bad right ? but some of them is really wearing like they are going for some important events. Some guys were in blazer n pants and girls were in evening gowns. Since there is those very high end extreme cases, y0u will find those low end extreme cases that were in singlet n slipper.

Soon the concert started. Lets the picture do the talking ~

After the wonderful concert, we meet up with vincew’s family to head home together.

Had a wonderful night …

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