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Lately, I was invited by TOUCHE Elite to try out their PhotoDynamic (PTF) Skin Treatment.

TOUCHE Elite was established since year 2002, TOUCHE Elite faithfully adheres to its belief and mission to be a professional and reliable brand to offer optimal medic-aesthetic results with utmost Integrity and Professional Expertise.

TOUCHE Elite is tailor  for the modern, confident woman who values quality and credibility while seeking visible results. They strongly advocates professional and ethical methods that are effective and reliable for women,  delivering joy and confidence to each individual in a professional and beautiful way.

If you are worry about unprofessional beauty services. Fear not, you can relax and enjoy a nice and professional skin treatment with them.

TOUCHE Elite is CaseTrust Accreditation for Spa & Wellness Business since 2007.


TOUCHE Elite offers our customers reliable services and products with integrity and assurance. TOUCHE Elite is accredited with CaseTrust “Good Business Practice” for Stress-Free Treatment, Clear Fee Policies, Well-Defined Business Practices & Systems and Certified Service Personnel by Consumer Association of Singapore since 2007.

TOUCHE Elite also offers AVA Spa Insurance Protection scheme for all pre-paid packages, to provide all consumers the highest integrity and reliability in both beauty services and products.

Before the start of the treatment, they did a skin analysis for me. I had always been wondering about my skin condition.




After the first diagnosis, It shows that I do have some fine lines around my eyes.




I had always been facing dry skin but I did not expect my moisture level is way below the standard moisture level for my age. My Elasticity, Skin tone  is way below the standard.

I need to be more hardworking in my skincare from now on.

Time to start to pamper my skin with the PhotoDynamic (PTF) Skin Treatment. It uses the latest and most advanced light & heat technology, Phototherapy Flash (PTF) Technology for optimal results for deep skin rejuvenation, anti-pigmentation and anti-acne treatments.

According to my skin condition, I will be doing the PhotoDynamic (PTF) Skin Rejuvenating Treatment.  The Skin Rejuvenating Treatment help in lifting and firming of skins, Plump up & Improves the Appearances of Wrinkles & Fine Lines, Stimulates Skin Cell Renewal, Production of Collagen, Restores Elasticity to the Skin, Improves Blood Circulation, Improves Appearance of Rough Textured Skin.

It started by removing my make up and cleansing my face to remove the dirt and oil in my skin.


Next up is the extraction of my black and white heads. The process was abit painful as my skin is overly dry especially at my cheek area.


Before the start of the PhotoDynamic (PTF) Skin Rejuvenating Treatment, they remove my dead skin. This allow better penetration during the treatments.


The clear water and turn cloudy after the treatment.


Next up, ,using the Phototherapy Flash (PTF) Technology to stimulates the Skin Cell Renewal and the production of Collagen in the skin.


Follow by, the application of beauty ampoule to the skin and face massage.



The final step is using the mask to lock everything in and hydrate my skin.


After the one session of   PhotoDynamic (PTF) Skin Rejuvenating Treatment, my skin was lifted especially at the cheek area. My skin was pumped up and felt a lot more hydrated.

Some of my pimple had significantly sub sized and the redness had reduce.



Quote ” Elgenahearts” to enjoy PhotoDynamic (PTF) Skin Treatment at $39.90*

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