Pre-wedding package and Gown Fitting with White Link

Finally, I got some time off to update my blog on my wedding planning journey. It had been a busy year for Vincent and me.

We got our bridal package during the BOWS road show in March 2016. Unlike any other couples, we did not shop around to look for more vendors. We went straight to White Link booth.

Why we choose White Link instead of other bridal studios despite a few not so good reviews online?

I get to know of this brand” White Link” during my teenage time. Whenever I walk pass their boutique in Marina Square with my girlfriends, we can help to peep in and wonder when will be our turn to wear a wedding gown. It has always been a dream for me.

Since it had been around for so many years, I trust that I will be in good hands with them. My cousin, as well as some of my friends, had taken up their bridal package too.

I did not shop around partly is also because of him, as he does not like to go through the process and motion of seating down at various bridal studios booth listening to the sale talk.

We were served by the sale manager, Catherine. She went through the BOWs promotion package for both local and oversea. As much as I hope to take my wedding photoshoot oversea, we decided to give it a miss so that we can spend the extra money on our upcoming house. I would say Catherine is very patient when come to answering our questions. I went with the intention to sign the bridal package. Therefore I don’t feel much hard sale.

I am pretty lucky that my mother in law is with us during the whole process. Thanks to her, we can negotiable quite an excellent package for the price.

To cut the post short, if you like to know my package, feel free to drop me a mail. I am more than happy to share.

The next thing, every bride will worry of after purchasing the pre-wedding and bridal package is the day when you go for gown fitting.

Accompanied by my mother in law, his sister and my best GF, I had a mixed feeling of excitement and worries. He could not make it as his leave was disapprove. Being on the bigger size, I was scared that I would not be able to fit the perfect wedding gown. The gown fitting is also a chance for them to hard sell packages to you.

My coordinator is Dave, who is also one of their gowns designers. During the roadshow, I had upgraded my gowns from “Off the shelves” to “Exclusive.” I have a total of 4 gowns for the pre-wedding photo shoot and 1 ROM gown to choose.

Instead of limiting my choice to just the exclusive gowns, he suggested me to try our their designer gowns too which we decided to go ahead.

Dave went in and took out a mixture of exclusive and designers gowns for me. However, the majority was designer gowns. I believe this is how bridal studio makes bride-to-be upgrade to designers gowns which I fall for it too.

My dearest accompanies felt that the gowns that were taken out for fitting were almost the same style. Even though, I love ball gowns which were the majority selected by Dave. But I still went on with the audience request to ask for gowns of other cutting. Dave was very patient and went ahead with our request. He explains the different fabric texture and cutting of the gowns and how they compliment to my body making them look slightly smaller.

They will use their Ipad to take photo of you in the wedding gowns for easy reference during selection. I hope I can take photos to show him too.

We did not expect the whole process took more than 5 hours. I was glad that I found my perfect white bling designer wedding gown.

Overall, the service level is good, especially Dave. His colleague, Jenny is also very helpful in helping me to change into all the gowns.
However, I felt that it will be good if there is more choice of exclusive gowns was given to choose instead of giving me 95% designer gowns to try on in the end. I would be better if we were told which categories the gowns belong to.

I end up topping up for four designer gowns instead of choosing from the exclusive gowns which are in the package.

Things to note before you sign your bridal package. Do check with the sales person whether the two gowns on your actual day is a separate selection or you have to choose from the pre -wedding photo shoot gowns.

I did not know that my actual day gowns are part of my pre-wedding photoshoot gowns. I hope I will have two different sets as my actual day is in November. I believe in 10 months; there will be new designs launch.

According to White Link, If I wish to have two separated sets, you need to do additional top up. I decided to give this a miss.

We went back on a weekend for him to do his suit fitting. For him, the process is fast, and he is quite happy with the choices given to him. I also get the chance to try on all the gowns which I had selected for him to see.

Even though, he had some disagreement with the gowns I selected after I show him the pictures I took from the Ipad. He is pretty satisfied with them when I wear them in person. What a relief.

Since I am trying on the gowns, Dave went on to help us match our gowns and suit together for the photoshoot.

Till now, we are pretty satisfied with the process of gowns and suit fitting.

I will share my soleminzation and pre-wedding photoshoot on my next post.

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