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For the past one year, I had been gaining weight over this whole years due to irregular meal time and lack of time to exercise.

Sadly to say, I have the fat genes which I hate all my life. Even if , I starve myself somehow i will still gain weight.

I got my 1 month supply of the new extra strength formula from  Sample Store and Reduze Pro!


Reduze Pro 3

It come right on time for Christmas !

Before I go into my experience and results, here some product informations  :

Reduze Pro 1

Reduze PRO is a clinically tested formula that works from the digestive system to help cleanse your body and fight weight gain. It contains a clinically tested synbiotic (prebiotics & probiotics) – friendly live bacteria and smart fibre that works to rebalance the gut microflora, get rid  of impurities, increase metabolism, improve bowel regularity and reduce fat storage for faster weight loss.

Benefits of Reduze Pro*


– Detox, burn fat and lose weight
– Triple action detox formula (Rebalance Gut Flora, Improve Digestive System and Sustainable Weight Loss)
– Eliminate Toxins and Waste
– Flatten Your Tummy
– Improve Bowel Regularity
– Increase Satiety
– Enhanced Weight Loss
– Clearer Complexion

Reduze Pro 2

For normal effect, take 2 capsules once daily before food. For fast effect, take up to 3 capsules once daily before food. When the desired effect is achieved, reduce dosage back to 2 capsules daily.


You might be wondering does Reduze Pro have any effect ?


Here my experience…


I had been taking 2 tablets of Reduze Pro before my heaviest meal of the day as one of its benefit is to reduce 29% of calories intake. Reduze Pro not only help me to reduce calories, it help me to reduce the sinfulness and guilt in eating especially sweets. *Do note, if  I had a heavy lunch or dinner, my the other meal will be super light.
After taking it for two days, my digestion starts to improve and my bowel regularities have been increased. I used to visit the toilet for  “big business” every few days but after consuming Reduze Pro, I will make a trip to the toilet at least once a day. I also does not feel bloated after a full meal.
Fearing of side effect and bouncing back result which I had experience previously with other brands of slimming pills, I will usually stop my intake of Reduze Pro for 2 days after every 5 days.  So far, everything goes so well. I feel cleaner and more energetic each day.


Coming to the question which every girls most concern about.


Did I Slim Down ? 


Answer is YES !!


I slim down 2 kg within 2 weeks without much dieting.


Reduze Pro 4

After 2 weeks

Reduze Pro 5
Reduze Pro 6

After 3 weeks

My tummy fat had reduce and dropped 3 inches on my waist line.
I am glad that I had tried Reduze Pro and will continue having it.
Is not to late to get yourself a box of Reduze Pro now for this festive season !


You can purchase Reduze Pro at  Guardian, John Little, Metro, Ntuc Fairprice, Robinson, Sasa, Unity & Watsons.


You can get it online on Rakuten


Step 1 : Add Reduze Pro to your shopping cart


Rakuten 1


Step 2 : Proceed to Check Out


Rakuten 2


Step 3  : Enter your shipping Information


Rakuten 3


Step 4 : Input Coupon Code (Refer below)


Rakuten 4


Enter “REDUZEPRO10” to get $10 off !
This coupon is valid from 17 Nov till  31 Dec 2014.




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