Review On Rachel K Radiance Illuminator Hydrogel Mask~❤

Recently,i had been very busy with my studies and work. I had totally neglected my skin causing it to be dehydrate and dull.Thanks to Rachel K for the free sample of the new hydrogel mask that they were giving out at their fanbook page previously . I found my survivor.

Rachel K had recently launch the Collagen + Lotus Stem Cell Hydrogel mask. It is made with steam cell extracted from the lotus flower,it promotes the division of the skin cells, enhancing the skin’s intrinsic ability to renew itself.

Here are the benefit of the mask :

Intense oil-free moisture
Brighten dull skin
Tightens pores
Refines fine lines
Control seburn
Calms & soothes
Tones and refreshes

It can be say to be an all in one mask.

The hydrogel mask deliver 11-18% more moisture than the traditonal skincare sheet mask.


With mask on

I totally love this mask. I have a habit to keep my mask in the fridge for one or two hours, before I use the mask.This will give the mask an extra refreshing and cooling feel. As for Rachel K Hydrogel mask,this methods works fantastic on it. ( Tips: if you are using this method, please do not directed use your mask when you took out from the fridge,let it cool down from 3-5 minutes, to prevent harm to your skin.)

This is the first time i am using gel mask. It is abit hard to handle as it is more slippery as compare to the normal sheet mask. For some sheet mask,if you slightly use a bit more force when putting it on, you will accidentally tear abit off.However, this will not happen to a gel mask,which is good for me.

The Rachel K hydrogel mask is packed with 30g of Essence. You can feel all the amazing essence diffusing into and hydrating my skin.

After using the mask, i felt that my skin is hydrated and look more radiance as compare to before.

I will defiantly stock up more Rachel K hydrogel mask.


Overall Rating :

Rachel K Radiance Mask is selling at Watson at $5.90 per mask.

You can also redeem the free Hydrogel mask at Rachel K Facebook page to try it out !

For more information on Rachel K products :
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