Shopping @ Mustafa ~❤

Monday is always seem so far away from Friday. How i wish everyday is Friday.

However, i had a fun-filled monday ~
I was excited as i am buying my new camera. Meet hubby after work to head for chinatown. But this excitement was eventually destroy by the seller for the camera. I called the shop in the afternoon to enquire on the stock of the camera. I was told that , the stock had arrived. However, when we reach the shop,the sales person told me, they only have the display set. I decided to try the other shop as previously they quoted $375 for me.Hoping to save more , I approached them for the quotation. However, this time round, they quoted me $419 and it was the lowest they can give. We decided to gave it a miss. I left Pearl Centre with disappointment.

We went to have our dinner at HongLim Complex. Their chicken curry noodles never fails to brighten me up. Due to my handphone camera not very good. I didn’t took any pictures. It is worth to try. I will review on it during my next visit.

We headed home after that. On the way back , we decided to drop up Mustafa to shop. It had been years since i last visited. If i never remember wrong , the last visit was with my girl friends after majong session years back. We went to Mustafa Shopping Centre . We were amazed that it had been renovated , wider passage way and brighter lighting. We started our shopping while looking for camera. There so many things to shop from electronics to foods.Finally, we found that camera counter. I was happy that CANNON IXUS 240 HS was selling at $389. While trying to bargain more. The sale person told us we can tried next door , Mustafa centre for the color i wanted. For the moment , we then realise that we had went to Mustafa Shopping Centre. That why, it looked more classy.

We went over to Mustafa Centre to continue shopping. Hoping to grab a good deal for camera. We were finally back to the place that we used to remember. The camera is also selling at $389 since is the other outlet from the one we visited previously. Since they cannot go lower or throw in any other free gift. We decided to buy the camera as it was the lowest price we were able to find. Happy that i saved $60. We carried on to shop around. We had super lots of fun shopping together.
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