Hello Kitty

Singtel Prepaid Hello Kitty arrives in Singapore on 20 April 2015!

I believe everyone knew how crazy Singaporeans are for the adorable Hello Kitty, especially the Hello Kitty’s Fan.

Companies are trying to link themselves up with this adorable character to create hype for their own brand.

First, we had Mcdonalds lauching Hello Kitty Soft Toy for every meal bought.

Coming up behind Mcdonalds, we had  Hello Kitty Limited Edition Ez Link Cards, Hello Kitty Run, Hello Kitty SG 50 dolls and many more.

Now, Singapore biggest TelCo. will be joining into the Hello Kitty’s Singapore Craze.

Singtel will be launching 4 limited-edition Singtel Prepaid Hello Kitty Plush Toys on 20 April 2015 !




Check out their marketing video here :


Personally, I cannot wait to own all the 4 Limited Edition Singtel Prepaid  Hellio Kitty PlushToy. Out of all the four design, I like the Social Hello Kitty the most.

I wonder how much does the whole set of the Singtel Prepaid Hello Kitty Cost and whether will it become another big news.


For more information on the purchase of these 4 Limited Edition Singtel Prepaid  Hello Kitty, Check out at   http://info.singtel.com/personal/hellokitty on 20 April 2015, 12 noon !


I will update on the details on my blog too..

Do stay tune for it…


(Note : This is not a paid advertorial, it is base on my love for Hello Kitty)

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