Skills which I attain from my part time jobs experience

Few days ago, I shared about the 5 things to look for when choosing your internship.

Today, I shall share about some of the skills I attained from my part time jobs. I personally feel that doing part time jobs for students is a very beneficial experience for your future career .You will be able to learn and gain skills and precious knowledge outside of the textbook. You will be able to met different type of people during your part time jobs. You are able to learn from all the people which you have encounter with. Some of these people will be your network for your future career.

I started working part time when I am 16 and had the opportunities to try out the different part time jobs in Singapore. I had work before as retail sale promoter in Isetan, an outdoor sales promoter selling watches in Orchard Road, a service crew in Andersen of Denmark Singapore, NTUC Fairprice cashier and customer service officer , teacher in a student care centre and event crew for various events. Each position allows me to learn and acquire different skills. These skills had helped me along my career progression.

#1 : Customer Services


Customer service relates to the service provided to customers before, during and after a purchase. No matter the size of the business, excellent customer service needs be at the heart of every business model. It is important to provide good customer service to all types of customers, including potential, new and existing customers.

In all my part time jobs, it required me to provide good customer service for the customers. Other than doing my daily jobs requirements, I have to deal with customers on a daily basis. I get to attend to different kinds of people from executive personnel to the older generation. Each individual customers require you to serve them differently.

Sometime I had faced angry customers and complaint cases. In order to deal with the customers, I need stay patient when they come to me stumped and frustrated. I have truly figure out what they want and the problems they are facing. The ability to really listen to customers is so crucial for providing great service. I learnt to be cautious on my communication skill when handling an angry customer and to calm the customer down in order to solve the dispute.

#2 : Problem – Solving

Problems are at the center of what many people do at work every day. Whether you’re solving a problem for a client (internal or external), supporting those who are solving problems, or discovering new problems to solve, the problems you face can be large or small, simple or complex, and easy or difficult. .

Especially in the customer service line, I mention in the above point that I learnt how to handle angry customers. Handling is not enough to appease them, you must help them to solve the problems which they are facing. By solving the solution or providing a alternative solution, I learnt to think out of the box for solutions or to be resourceful and seek for alternative.

#3 : Time Management


It seems that there is never enough time in the day. But, since we all get the same 24 hours , why is it that some people achieve so much more with their time than others? The answer lies in good time management.

Holding a part time jobs singapore opportunity whilst studying is rather challenging as you will need to balance your time between working part time and school. I usually will arranged my schedule beforehand and to prioritize my time..

Part time jobs may be important however my main priority was still my school work. Therefore, I will work only during the weekends or school holidays. I will also seek for short term part time jobs like event jobs which require me to work for 3 to 4 days.  These help me to make full use of my time to experience different jobs scope.

When you practice time management, you can control the way your life goes. You have a better perception of what work you can do and what work will be done.

#4 : Leadership


“Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader, they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role-always about the goal”

Being a good leader with great leadership is never easy and I am currently still learning in this journey. I was fortunately to be given the opportunity to lead a team during various event.

Through these opportunities, I learnt how to delegate to correct task for my team members to bring out their strength and motivate them.  I had also learnt to give others their views on personal performance in a way that will be constructive rather than destructive, and also hear others’ opinions of them.


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