Snow white and the huntsman~❤

It is really great to meet VinceW after work to hang out together. To me , he is like my battery charger.After a long tiring working day, as long as i get to see him,his smile.I will feel totally recharged like all the tiredness you have is gone.

Every Thursday, VinceW will finish his work earlier then usual. He picked me up at TiongBahru as i will only finish work at 6pm. He decided to bring me to watch ” Snow white and the huntsman ”
After we bought our tickets , we decided to grab a quick dinner @ BBQ Chicken.The food that is soso, nothing fantastic about.

After dinner , it almost time for movie.

Simply love the show, even thought it is abit dry at the start. I love the twist of the story. I love the part when she make her way to the duke’s place and when she fight her way through back to the castle. In life , you may be meet all sort of obstacles,but no matter how difficult the road is ahead of you,what matter most is your heart , your passion. Dont lose it along the way while you were fighting. Cause one day , you will be able to conquer everything and win the battle with victory (:

Fighting !!
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