[Invited] Quality Japanese Food at Kinsa Sushi

I am a huge fan of Japanese Food especially sushi. Thanks Issac and Darryl for inviting me along to Kinsa Sushi.

Read on for the reviews of all the wonderful Japanese food which they serve.


If you are lazy to travel all the way to town just to dine, I recommend you to check out Kinsa Sushi which is located in Ang Mo Kio. Kinsa Sushi serves quality food at affordable prices to cater for a larger group of heart landers being able to enjoy both the authentic cuisine and also the warmth of true Japanese ambiance and service.

I really love the ambiance of the restaurant. It make me feel as if you are dinning in a restaurant in Japan as their waitress were in kimono. The quiet and serenity make dinning more relaxing and enjoyable away from all the buzzing and busy city. According to the boss , every corner of the main dining area will have a view of their bar kitchen where the sushi chef freshly prepared the sashimi and sushi. You can easily order your food directly and to interact with their sushi chef.



Lets dig in to the food !!


Fugu Mirin Boshi

Fugu Mirin Boshi is Marinated Pufferfish. Even though i am a fan of Japanese food, this was my first virgin try on Pufferfish. I am still worry about the fishy smell when the dish was being serve. However, I was truly wrong. The Marinated Pufferfish was super great and addictive. Can I have a beer to go with it ?


Kawa Ebi Karaage

Kawa Ebi Karaage is Deep Fried River Shrimp. Another starter which is great to go with beer. You can taste the freshness and the lightly sea-salted taste. As compared, I still prefer Fugu Mirin Boshi.


Assorted Sashimi

Calling all Sashimi Lover !! You will definitely love this.

Before I go on to introduce the Sashimi.

Here a small information on Kinsa Sushi . In order to maintain the freshness of the sashimi and other seafood,all their ingredients were all air-flown directly from Japan every 3 to 4 times a week. All their ingredients were selected carefully to ensure the good quality of the foods.

We had Shake (Salmon), Mekajiki (Swordfish), Akami (Tuna) and Kanpachi (Amberjack) sashimi. We literally went crazy on the Sashimi. Beside being a fan of Japanese food, I am a huge huge fan of Salmon, especially Salmon Sashimi. I can declare Kinsa Sushi is one of the best Salmon Sashimi I had ate. The fats of the Salmon simply dissolve on my tongue. I am craving for it now. Not forgetting the other sashimi, I love the Swordfish and Tuna too.

Usually when most people eat Sashimi, we will definitely dip our slice of Sashimi into soya sauce or accompany with wasabi.

Here in Kinsa Sushi, we were being introduce a new way of dipping our Sashimi to enhance the taste.


Another small little information. Kinsa Sushi used only fresh grated wasabi.The wasabi were freshly grated using special grater made from shark skin. It broke down the wasabi thoroughly and releases its full flavor potential.


Instead of the normal soya sauce and wasabi. We are recommend to add in petals of chrysanthemums. This will add in a hint of sweetness to the dip. Surprisingly, It went go perfectly with the Sashimi.


Foie Gras Mizore

You will not be able to imagine that Kinsa Sushi serve Foie Gras in Ang Mo kio. Instead of the normal Foie Gras we ususally eat in French restaurant, they served it with Miso soup. The soup was very very rich with all the essence of the mushrooms and foie gras. The chunk of foie gras was generous too and most importantly it melts.


Sushi Platter

Let’s me introduce our sushi platter !! We had Shake Harasu (Salmon Belly) , Hotate (Scallop) , Ika (Squid) and Tai (Sea Bream). Out of all the four sushi, I personally prefer the Shake Harasu and Hotate. They are really really yummy. I am not a fan of Squid and I dont really eat them so I am not really sure how they taste like.


Japanese SooGyu Don

Their Japanese SooGyu Don which is Pan Seared SooGyu Beef on Rice is highly recommended to try it during your visit to Kinsa Sushi. SooGyu Beef is one of the premium beef other then Waygu Beef in Japan. The SooGyu beef that was being served was directly import from Kagoshima, Japan and it was of the Grade A4.

The SooGyu beef was simply fabulous. It was super tender and flavourful. With the soft boiled egg mixed and coated every grain of rice. You will experience the burst of flavors in your mouth.

Do not miss the Japanese SooGyu Don out. You will not regret it !

This marks the end of the dinner. However, I was a little disappointed that there no desserts. I will strongly recommended them to have a dessert menu. It will attracts girls like me who love to end the meal with something sweet.


Check Out KINSA SUSHI In Jubilee Square !!

61 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8. #02-03/3A Jubilee Square
Singapore, Singapore 569814

( Next to Popular Bookstore)

Time: 11:30 am – 10:00 pm

Phone: +65 6452 1798

For more info:

Like them at :



Drop by Kinsa Sushi to win a box of cookies (worth $20) ! ONLY 10 SETS to be given out !!

On Christmas Day, Kinsa Sushi is also giving out Free cupcakes

( While Stock Last )

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