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Hello Kitty Shabu Shabu Opening in Taiwan !!

I am a fan of Taiwan’s cafe and restaurants culture and they have lots of character themed cafe and restaurants.

Coming to talk about Hello Kitty themed cafe , the most popular one will be the Hello Kitty Sweets which is situated at Da An Road.

If you had been reading  Taiwan travelogue blog, most bloggers  had been to Hello Kitty Sweet.


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SUKI-YA ~ New Weekend Curry Soup Base ~❤

Ever since, my boyfriend started working as an interior designer, we seldom have much time together. 
It was super rare for us to have dinner together especially on an weekend.
We decided to check out our favorite sukiyaki & shabu shabu resturant, Suki-Ya. This is not the first time I dine or write about Suki-ya.
Why I love dining in Suki-ya ? It allows me to enjoy the good and healthy food while spending time with my love ones. I love the chatting and interacting with them while waiting for the food to be cooked. Lastly, I love to shabu shabu the thinly sliced meats.



We went to Suki-ya at Marina Square which had been newly renovated and relocated recently. Previously, it was located at the level 1 of Marina Square, right under the food court. They had relocated to the new dining wing. If you are able to spot “Manhattan Fish Market”, you will be able to see Suki-ya.


The newly opened restaurant had a larger space catering more towards bigger groups of customers. I love the U-shaped cubicles dining concept. It allow you to have some privacy with your friends.

Time for food..


I love the wide ranges of vegetables as well as other ingredients. Strongly recommend to have their signature cheese ball. It’s really yummy.


Different Sauces : Ma La, Miso-Tare, Spicy Peanut, Vinegar



I had always love the thinly sliced meat.You can see the bottom of the plate through the meat.


Our platter



Vegetables platter



Noodles Platter



Not forgetting the sauces.





Suki-ya Marine Square had newly launched the curry soup base only for weekend. According to the staff, the curry soup base is only available in Marine Square. I love the innovation idea of using curry for shabu shabu. It is a definite must-try soup base when you dine in during weekend.



The curry soup base had become my next love other than my favorite suki-ya and miso soup base. Instead of the normal watery curry we usually had. The curry is thick but not gluey. You will be able to spot small pieces of onions in the soup base which give it a richer flavor. I love the curry after all the essence from all the ingredients were added in. It had the natural slight sweet taste from the vegetables. How I wish i can have a bowl of rice to accompany the curry. It  also goes completely well with the udon noodles. You can create your own verison of curry udon with your favorite ingredients from the healthy bar.





I am craving for it now while i am writing the post.



Dont forget your ice-cream which is only available for dinner.




Thanks hubby for specially taking the time off to accompany me for dinner at one of our favorite restaurant. I love you