Thai Boat Noodle in Singapore

Taking about Thai Food, I believe that you may heard before about this Thailand’s local delight ;  Thai Boat Noodle which also know as Kuai Tiao Ruea.

For me, I did not knew about this delight until today when I tried my very first Thai Boat Noodle at Thai Boat Noodle in Singapore.

Thai Boat Noodle at Bedok Point had brought in this Thailand’s local delight into Singapore where they also serve authentic Thai Chinese Street Food.

There 4 different version of the Thai Boat Noodle :


 Boat Noodle Dry ($1 per bowl)


Boat Noodle Soup ($1 per bowl)


Tom Yam Noodle ($1.50 per bowl)


Spicy Pork Noodle ($1 per bowl)

Out of all these 4 version of Thai Boat Noodle, I prefer the Tom Yam Noodle. I love the Tom Yam Clear Soup Base. This gave the rice noodle a more layered taste with the sweetest from the seafood, the slight spiciness and sourness. I find the Tom Yam Noodle very appetizing !

Do note, every bowl was about two to three mouth only.

Can I have 5 bowl of Tom Yam Boat Noodle at one go ??


Tom Yam Fried Rice ( $7.80)

The Tom Yam Fried Rice was super delicious. I love it when each tiny grains of rice had absorb all the tom yam flavor. Every mouthful of rice was so amazing as the tom yam simply explored in your mouth. This required alot of skills and a good control of the heat.


Crispy Chicken Skin ($4.80)

This was my next favorite dish, Crispy Chicken Skin. For people who are more health conscious, when you saw Chicken Skin, the first reaction will be ” Yike, so fattening and unhealthy “. However, this Crispy Chicken Skin at Thai Boat Noodle was really good and I believe you will enjoy it even thought you are health conscious. Reason, It was not oily at all. Even thought, we left it for quite a while, the Chicken Skin was still crispy and does not have the oil slipping out. I cant stop myself from munching the Chicken Skin. I believe kids will love them too.

After meal, lets have some authentic Thai Desserts.


Thai Pandan Jelly ($5.00 for 4 pieces)

I find that the price was kind of steep for just 4 pieces. Nevertheless, it taste good.


Thai Fruity Yellow Bean Paste ( $6.80 for 8 pieces)

This Thai Fruity Yellow Bean Paste was sooo pretty and adorable. I can bear to put them into my mouth. This was one of the most delicious Thai Fruity Yellow Bean Paste I had. The skin was not too thick and the thin layer of jelly which was coated on the outer layer was not too sweet too. Each Fruit was filled with lots of Yellow Bean Paste. Overall, I love it as it does not taste too sweet.


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Thai Boat Noodle

Address : 799 New Upper Changi Road, Bedok Point

 #02-32/34 Singapore 467351

Contact Number : 6445 3992

Operating Hours : Mon -Fri : 1130am – 10pm

Sat ,Sun,PH : 10.30am – 10pm

For more information :

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