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The Alshaya Food Tour – Texas RoadHouse


The last stop of our The Alshaya Food Tour will be at Texas RoadHouse and I am starting to miss everyone in the team.

The first Texas RoadHouse open in 1993 at Clarksville, Indiana. They aims to be a restaurant where customers of all ages can have a great meal with great prices and great fun. Texas Roadhouse is known for their Hand-Cut Steaks, Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs, Made-From-Scratch Sides, and Fresh-Baked Bread.



Walking into Texas Roadhouse make me felt like I am walking into the traditional Texas Bar. I love the whole concept; however I felt that they could do more on the decoration to complete the whole feel. The country songs were great to lift up the whole ambiance. If the service crews are wearing cowboy hat as part of the uniform will be cool, especially when they were doing the line dance.

The whole ambiances make me want to order some hearty ribs, gulping down some ice cool beer and munching on peanuts like those in the movie. Sadly to say, Texas Roadhouse does not serve alcohol drinks due to the Islamic belief in Dubai.



Before we are being shown to our seats, we were introduced to the different hand cut beef which they offers in the menu. I found this pretty interesting as it gave a slight understanding about the quality of food that the restaurant offer.


Combo Appetizer
(AED 59/SGD23.60)

We started off with the combo appetizer. The portion was really great for sharing between 3 – 4 pax. I love the boneless buffalo wings.I was so excited when I ate a piece of the mild spicy buffalo wings, finally I ate real spicy food in Dubai. The concept of boneless buffalo wings will be great for people who don’t like to use their hands to eat. Simply just forked it and pop into your mouth without getting your hands dirty. The light crisp of the potato skin boat with the thick layer of cheese drizzle with beef bacon was a side that you will not want to miss too.

Yes, we are having burgers again!!


Jalapeno Burger

The Jalapeno Burger was fantastic and was one of the best burger I ate. The different level of flavors from the burger just kept exploding in your mouth like fireworks, the juiciness of the ground beef burger, the crunchiness from the vegetable and lastly the spiciness from jalapeno. It so perfectly done as each different flavors do not contradict with each other and managed to keep their balance. I am craving from it right now.


Smokehouse Burger
(AED 49/SGD19.60)

The smokehouse burger was a little disappointment after our experience with the amazing Jalapeno Burger. The ground beef patty was a little dry. The BBQ sauce was not strong enough to bring out the flavor of the burger. I think using Portobello mushroom slices will be better instead of the few small pieces of sauteed mushrooms. Portobello mushroom have a more chewy and able lock the mushroom flavor and moisture better.


Beef Brisket

The Beef Brisket was super tender and absolutely melt-in-your-mouth. However, the flat and bland sauce pull the whole dish down. The sauce was seriously lacking of flavor so are the beef brisket. It will be good, if the beef brisket can be season slightly longer or with some brown sugars. Personally, I will prefer my beef brisket to go with black pepper sauce which had a stronger peppery taste.


Grilled Shrimp
(AED 64/SGD25.60)

The grilled shrimps had a firm, crisp texture which I adore. However, I felt that it was at the salter side.  There is a strong lingering saltiness in the mouth which I cannot figure out whether was the seasoning to heavy or due to certain seasoning that was use. The season rice was fragrant yet pretty strong in the seasoning. The whole combination was overpowered with the seasoning, I cannot really taste the natural sweetness from the shrimps.


Southern Fried Fish 3 pieces

The southern fried fish could be better if the cornmeal batter is not so hard. Even so, the fish fillets still managed to keep this moist and natural flavor underneath the skin. The light tangy favor from the cerelo mustard sauce lifted up the whole flavor. This is one of the dish that you wont go wrong if you are not a beef lover. The baked potato was soft and fluffy with the flaky texture. the light butter gave the baked potato the nice hint of saltiness.


Bone – In Rib Eye Steak
(AED 179 / SGD 71.60)


The Medium Rare 565 g cut Bone-in Rib Eye steak was a dish to die for even just by looking at it. The rich marbling of the steak help to ensures tenderness and lock in the rich flavor. Flavorful beefy juice burst out the moment you gently cut into it. The beef was tender yet have the chewy texture.


Award Winning Beef Ribs Half Portion
After all the tasting session so far, I felt that Dubai seem to have the one of the best Beef Ribs. The half portion Beef Ribs were thick and surprisingly very tender. The fibers of the beef ribs tear off easily in the mouth and melt off after light chews. Other than their Steaks, I will recommend you to try their “Blue Ribbon” Fall off the Bone Ribs. It indeed live up to their name.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae

We completed the meal with Chocolate chip cookie sundae which is not very fantastic. The taste was basically like eating cookie in whipped cream as I cannot really taste the Ice Cream. Personally, I prefer the sundae to be serve without the whipped cream.

Overall, I love the Texas Themed Concept Restaurant especially with their great steaks, ribs and burgers. It will be a great dinner venue for the meat lovers like my boyfriend and large group gathering.

Texas RoadHouse
The Dubai Mall
 Financial Centre Road,Downtown Dubai,Near Buj Khalifa
Unit LG 112-2 Lower Ground Level
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
GPS : 25°11.922, 55°16.805
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