The Soup Spoon Union in White Sands Shopping Mall

After 3 outlets of The Soup Spoon Union which houses: The Soup Spoon”,” The Handburger” and” Soup Broth Asia”. The Soup Spoon Union had recently venture into White Sand Pasir Ris.
This time round, they housed 2 other brands; The Salad Fork and The Grill Knife along with The Soup Spoon.


Lets start with the main brand “The Soup Spoon

Every few months, The Soup Spoon will launch a few Limited Edition Soup from different country.

For this month, The Soup Spoon is flying our taste buds to PERTH!!!

The Union 1

The Union 2

B.F.F. Stew (Beets, Fennel & Feta Cheese)

277 Cal

A super nutritious soup for health conscious people put that. You will not want to miss this rich and good soup from Perth.
Beets is one of the super food which help to improve athletic performance, lower blood pressure and increase blood flow. Fennel is rich in Antioxidants and Vitamin C, it helps to lower cholesterol levels. As for Feta Cheese, it is rich in Calcium and Vitamin B12 to promotes red blood cell production and helps keep your brain functioning.

Other then this 3 main ingredients, the B.F.F. Stew has red apples, lentils, tomatoes, button mushrooms, spinach, carrots, celeriac, mint, cream, thyme, garlic and onions.

The Union 6

Aussie Barramundi Chowder with Dill

311 Cal

The Aussie Barramundi Chowder with Dill is almost similar to our normal Clam Chowder, however they uses Barramundi. Barramundi is low in fat and is high in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Along with sweet potato, corn, spinach, quinoa and dill.I find the combination quite amazing. The quinoa and corn gave the soup a soft crunch from the richness. The sweetness from the sweet potato covered the fishiness of the Barramundi.



The Union 4

Homestyle Cock-a-Doodle Soup


This is my favorite soup out of the 3 Limited Edition Soup from Perth. The Homestyle Cock-a -Doodle Soup is the Perth Version of out Chinese ABC soup. It consist of Marinated chicken thigh, flat noodles, potatoes, carrots, celery, thyme, sage, parsley, lemons, garlic, onions and housemade chicken stock.  I like the lightness of the soup, it have the comforting effect. I hope this will be on their permanent menu.

Other than taking our taste buds to Perth. Together with JetStar Singapore, The Soup Spoon is taking you to Perth too.


 Up next, The Salad Fork. With the mission to make healthy healthier, choosing to eat greens can be yummy and fun with The Salad Fork. In The Salad Fork you are able to customize your salad according to your liking preference. You can choose between a wholesome salads or wrap. In The Salad Fork, they provide around 40 overs fiber, protein, carb and home made dressing.

The Union 7


Lastly, The Grill Knife. In The Grill Knife, they committed to serve made to order, MSG-free Hot Grills meals using good quality meats. For a healthier option, you can pair your grills up with hearty mixed green salad or a quinoa cauliflower rice.

The Union 9

Flank Steak Combo with Bratwurst Sausage and Basil Pesto Penne ($16.80)

I am not really a steak person, therefore I cannot really tell the different between a good steak and an average steak. For this flank steak, I felt that it is abit dry and hard. However, I like the Bratwurst Sausage and Basil Pesto Penne.

The Union 10

Chicken Thigh with Cauliflower Rice ($8.80)

This is my favorite out of all the 3 different combo which I had tried. The Chicken Thigh was very well done. The outer layer skin was crispy while the meat is still tender and juicy. Along with the Japanese Curry Sauce was perfect.

I had been looking at quite a number of Cauliflower Rice tutorial on Youtube and had not have the time to try making one for myself. I believe that The Grilled Knife is the first in Singapore to serve the Cauliflower Rice.  They had substituted rice with cauliflower grains, perfect for people like me who don’t really take carbo yet want to fill our tummy.

The Cauliflower Rice is toasted with Quiona, Edamame, Pumpkin bits, Cranberry and others which I did not manage to identify. Unlike our normal fried rice, The Cauliflower Rice is very refreshing and have the crunch and sweetness.

 I am definitely going back for their Cauliflower Rice and I highly recommend you to try the Cauliflower Rice out.

The Union 11

Salmon Combo with Portobello Mushroom and Mixed Green Salad ($18.80)

It was really a slight disappointment that the Norwegian Salmon Fillet was slightly overcook and tasted a little dry. The Portobello Mushroom was not as juicy as I expected it to be.

The Soup Spoon Union

1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3,
White Sands Shopping Mall  S(518457)
Level 2 Unit 33


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