Time to Reflect 2013 and Welcome 2014 !!

Times really fly past super fast. We had came to the end of 2013. 2013 had been a year of ups and downs for me. It was really a thrilling roller coaster ride.

Through all these events, I had seen through the hearts of different people and indeed learn alot  from all these events. However, I am very grateful that all this things happen. It made me a stronger person.

Not forgetting, those who lend out their helping hands and supports through my difficult moments. I am really thankful and appreciate your kind help. Without your help, I would not go so far.

Time to show my  gratitude and reflect on 2013 !!


I would like to thanks my dearest boyfriend for being such a wonderful boyfriend. Thanks for being there for me and accompany me in through this roller coaster ride.

Thanks for taking care and not leaving me when I battle with my unexpected sickness. Most important, giving me the confidence that I will be fine even though the doctors had exaggerated the situation for me. Because of your support, I am fully recovered now and no longer have to worry about it.

I may not be a very good girlfriend, especially with my super unstable emotions. I would like to take this chance to apologize for all my nonsense and unbearable attitude. I will try my best to control my emotions and will not allow it to affect you.

Thanks for always acting stupid and cracking funny dirty jokes to make me laugh. I know you want me to walk out of my emoness. I will try my very best to be the cheerful girl you used to know.

Most important, Thanks for helping me to realize my dreams in doing events planning. Giving me the opportunity to do what I really love doing. Thanks for opening up the world for me and letting me realize that I can be useful too.

I love you hubby !!


This year, I am extremely thankful that my family are all with me now.

Unfortunately, my paternal grandmother had passed away this year. It really wake me up on how important kinship are and how fragile is our life. It was a regret for me as I am not close to my grandmother and had always neglected her. I had never did my part as a granddaughter. When I came to realize it , it was already too late.

Thankfully, my grandmother funeral had pull my paternal cousins closer to each others. Usually, we only met once a year during Chinese new year or not even once for a few years.

I would love to thanks my family for being there for me and taking care of my daily necessities . I am really thankful that my mum is fine after her operation.

I may not be the best daughter but I really care and hope to contribute to the family.

I would like to thanks my boyfriend’s family too. Thanks for having me over for dinner almost every day as well as giving us the greatest support in our business. Most importantly, Thanks for accepting me as part of the family.Without your love and support, both me and my boyfriend would not have come so far.


Thanks guys for being there for me. Sorry I does not have alot of pictures of some of you. I know I had been very occupied with my work this year and does not really have time to meet up with you guys. However, I really appreciate you guys for helping me , supporting me through this rocky journey.

To the group of girls who had been there for the past 10 years. I am truly sorry for neglecting you girls. I knew that I failed being your friends. However, I really treasure the more then 10 years of friendship. I hope I can make up to you girls in 2014.

To the friend who had always been listening to all my nonsense and rants. Thanks for answering my call or replying me even in the middle of the night. Thanks for being there for me to empty all this rubbish. I am glad you found your own happiness. I truly give you my best blessing. You must be xinfu with your wife wor !! I know you have been reading my blog all this while. Thanks bro !

To those friends who stand out and offer their help and support in start of my career, I sincerely want to thank you for helping and believing in me.

I sincerely treasure every single one of you.

For those new friends which I had made, thanks for being my friends. Hope we will have more wonderful time in 2014.


I would also like to take this opportunity to thanks all my sponsors for Elgenahearts. Thanks for inviting me to all the wonderful events and believing in my blog. All these wonderful events added alot of colors and life to my life.
Through all this events, I get to know a group of very good friends.

There are still alot of people who I wish to show my gratitude towards. I am sorry if I did not name you out here. I am really thankful for all the support and love.

Sincerely, I wish to thanks every single one of you. * 90 degree bow *

Before I go on to write about my 2014 resolution, here some of my reflections and thoughts.


As I had said previously, 2013 was a roller coaster ride for me.

After I left NETS in the end of 2012. I managed to get a dream marketing job in an restaurant. Thinking that, things will be better from then onwards. I will be able to focus and start crafting my own career path in marketing. Who knows, the company closed down after I am with them for one month. I was jobless again. During the period, I am still pursing my Marketing course. Having no certificate and experience, looking for a job in the marketing line was a challenge to me. Soon, I was offer by one of the shareholder of the restaurant which I previously work for to join their team in setting up a new theme restaurant. I was very excited about it and learnt alot during this progress. However, the good does not last long. My boyfriend sensed something was wrong when I did not received the agreed compensation. I decided to pull myself out from the team. Not long after, according to my team mates, the guy which we had been working for was gone and all our efforts was gone too.

After this incident, I did not expect myself to move into design industry. I gotten a job as an Interior Designer. Without any experience, I had to learn everything from scratch. Indeed it is a great learning experience, from choosing of colors, materials, accessories to Auto-cad drawing , perspective drawing. Even though, I have the love for interior design, I am not good in site management. It was a pure commission job and looking at my finance situation. I decided to give it up.

I went back into working as a marketer which I felt I am best fitted in. After working 3 months in the spa company.

My boyfriend had decided on a life changing plan for our future. We decided to come out to open our own business. Having his own business, being his own boss had always been his passion and ambition. At first, we intend to focus on the design firm which he had long started as a freelance designer. I had also decided to jump out of my job to help him in the business. We soon came up with another business idea in doing directory listing and event planning. Thanks to him, I am now able to achieve what I want in my life. The route as an entrepreneur is not an easy route but I am more then willing to embark this journey with my boyfriend.

Apart from having my own company , Mapwerkz in 2013.

Through this new company, I was given the chance to plan and host my first event in Fullhouse Signature Singapore. Thanks for believing and supporting Mapwerkz. Most importantly, giving me the chance to work with Fullhouse Signature Singapore.


Not forgetting , my team !! Thanks for believing in Mapwerkz and being there working and cooperating with me. Without you guys, all the events will not be a success. We might be young but we have the energy and passion to make things happen.


Lastly , I would like to thanks all my bloggers for supporting Mapwerkz events. It was really great knowing you guys !

In 2013, I had also hit one of my milestone in my life. Me and my boyfriend had bought our future home.

Our love nest will be ready in 2017. An event which I really looking forward into !

I am grateful that even thought there alot of down periods in this 2013, there were also wonderful events and milestones in my life.

Thanks for all the love and support in 2013 !

Now lets look forward to 2014 !!!


2014 is to spent more time with Hello Kitty !!!! YEAH !!!!!

Lets get back to my 2014 resolution and wishlist !!

2014 New Year Resolution !!

❤ Personal ❤
1) Spent more time with my friends as I really had neglected them alot in 2013
2) Spent more time with my family as I realize when I am home everyone are asleep.
3) Enrich myself with more new knowledge
4) Slim down (This has always be my new year resolution every year)
5) Understand myself more so that I can unleash more potential
6) Have more self confidence and be more out-spoke
7) Improve my time management
8) Pamper and doll up myself everyday
9) Stay Healthy
10) BE HAPPY !!

❤ LOVE ❤
1) Take more photos together and create more memories together
2) Improve myself and be a more caring girlfriend
3) Cook for him more often
4) Go on more travel trips together
5) Hoping to enter another small milestone in our love life (*hint hint) :p

❤ Career ❤
1) Establish the company into a well – recognize brand
2) Have a bigger office so that the staff can enjoy and have their own working space
3) Work toward our company vision of a fun and youthful working environment

❤ Blog ❤
1) To have more events and sponsorship in 2014
2) Able to deliver and share more wonderful things with the readers
3) Blog more about my lifestyle and my life journey

o.0 I did not expect it will be such a long list of new year resolutions. I hope and will try my best to fulfill and accomplish every single new year resolution.

Attention , Attention !!

To Mr Vincent Wee , To all my future sponsors , To all my dearest friends who want to get me any presents ..

Here my wishlist for 2014 !!

Hahahahaaha *evil laugh

1) New PINK camera
2) Increase my Hello Kitty collection
3) New necklace
4) Bags (I am a huge bag lover)
5) Better skin care and make up products
6) Travel trips (exclude my Taiwan Trip)

Simple right ! Haha.

Anyway, I really hope I can fulfill all this small little wishes of mine myself too.


I will like to wish all my readers and supporter a HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

May everyone be bless with good fortune , luck and happiness. Everyday to be filled with joy and laughter !

Once again , Thank you for supporting Elgenahearts in 2013. Hope you can continue your support for Elgenahearts in 2014 and many more years to comes.

HAPPY 2014 !!!!

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