Traditional Nonya and Hainanese Food at Pow Sing Restaurant ~❤

Pow sing was started by Mr Lee Chin Soo & Mr Steven Tan in the year 1983. Being traditional Hanianese they wanted to share with Singapore the true taste of “Haninaese Chicken Rice” and hence “Pow Sing Hainanese Chinken Rice” stall was opened at Serangoon Garden.
In the year 1989,they felt that they could do more to promote Singapore food and so they hired a traditional Nonya Chef and came up with “Pow Sing Restaurant”

Food tasting with the pretty babes, Apple and Carmen

Pow Sin Menu


Instead of the normal sweet and sourish ah char that we use to have. The ah-char that was served have this lightly curry flavor. It were very appetizing.

Nonya Cabbage Roll


The crunchy cabbage wrapped with otah make the dish have a different level of flavor. The cabbages were sweet and infuse with the curry sauce made the dish very tasteful.

Hainanese Chicken

$5 per serving

The Hainanese Chicken was tender. However, it was not smooth enough.

Crispy Nonya Toufu


The Crispy Nonya Toufu was heavenly. Even thought it was as very crispy. But the Toufu simply just melt in your mouth, as if you are eating beadcurd.

Fish Head Curry


The fish head curry was one of Pow Sing’s signature dishes. Instead of the normal curry, the fish head curry had a touch of assam taste. It slight sourness made it more appetizing. The amounts of assorted vegetables were very generous too. The most important part of the fish head curry was the fish head. The fish was very fresh and the meat was tender. Even thought it was being cooked in curry, you still will be able to taste the sweetness of the fish. I strongly recommended their Fish Head Curry.

Nonya Chap Chye


The Nonya Chap Chye tasted average. The vegetable were all soaked with the sauce.However, there is a slight bitterness which i dont really like.

Prawns with Traditional Nonya Sauce


The prawns were one of my favorite dishes too. Not only that the prawns were fresh and well cooked. I love the tastefulness of the prawn that is cooked in the traditional Nonya sauce. The spicyness were just right, it did not overpower the natural taste of the prawns.

End your meal with their chedol.

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