2D1N JB Getaway wif hubby~❤

Finally, I get my Johor Getaway. Even thought, it was a short 2D1N getaway, I am still happy and excited. I get to spent 2 full days with my boyfriend without any disturbance and stress from school and work. However, this getaway wasn’t very perfect as I am having very bad eye infection.But I still enjoyed my very fattening getaway.

First stop, when we reach City Square. We headed to our favorite cafe, Papa rich to satisfied our crave for steam chicken.

Honey Lemon
RM 6.90

Fruit Juice
RM 9.90

Steam chicken with Ipoh hor fun soup
RM 11.90

This my favorite. I had been craving for it for since after my last visit to City Square. The chicken was super tender and juicy. The Ipoh hor fun soup is delicious too. It is a definite must-try in Papa rich.

Steam chicken with curry noodle
RM 11.90

Another combination of the steam chicken.

Luo Mai Kai
RM 5.80

Steam Otak
RM 6.90

Food : ❤❤❤❤
Service :❤❤❤
Price : RM 58.20 ($23.2)
Overall Rating : ❤❤❤❤

After a wonderful lunch, is time for shopping !!

CNY deco on central stage

View from level 3

Action City was filled with Valentine’s Day feel. Lots of gift ideas..

Soft toy and chocolate bouquets

Cartoon candy boxes

Any chocolate for you ?

Hello kitty wafer stick

Teddy bears

Cute Line character found in Action city.

City Square is still currently under renovation but there alot of new shops and F&B outlet.

Famous Amos

Tang Shifu

Bean Talk

51 Soya bean in City Square too

Korean BBQ restaurant


Time for desert !! We decided to try this new desert cafe.

Toufu pudding with peanut
RM 5

This is super yummy. The toufu pudding which is our 豆花 is super smooth and soft. The peanut was yummy too. The serving is generous, just nice for me and my boyfriend to share.

Pearl Milk Red Tea

It super milky.. YUM YUM

Food : 
Service :❤❤❤❤
Price : RM10.90 ($4.35)
Overall Rating : 

After good food and shopping. Next up, Sleep !!! That life (: 

We will be spending our night at Puteri Pacific Hotel. It is around 5 to 10 minutes walk from City square. The hotel is currently under renovation but there not much noise during our stay. 

Checking in

We book the princess deluxe room. I am very happy with the room, is cosy and spacious.

       Room View

Another angle


Mini bar with wardrobe


3 sided mirror


Study table


Room lighting and aircon control

View from room

After checking in to our room. We roam around the hotel. Here some of the facilities :

Swimming pool

After our rest. It started raining. Instead of proceeding to KSL for dinner and shopping. We decided to spent the rest of the day in City Square.

Chinese new year goodies shopping at City Square.


Seoul Garden for dinner !!

Wonder why we had Seoul Garden in City Square ?

Total bill for 2 : RM53.98 ($21.54)

Day 2 :

We decided to had a quick lunch before we headed back to Singapore. We gave Taangshifu a try, however, is disappointing.

Pu Er Tea

Guava with chen pi
RM 3.90

Mee suah with dried scallop and abalone slice

The mee suah soup is very bland and not very nice.

Dried Scallop with petite abalone mixed rice
RM 16.90

A total disappointment. The rice is complete soaked it the sauce.

Food : ❤❤
Service :❤❤
Price : $30 per pax
Overall Rating : ❤❤

Before we leave for Singapore. Not forgetting getting my popcorn from planet popcorn.

Loots of my 2D1N trip !


Accessories from Chameleon

Vans Hello kitty belt

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