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2D1N Valentine’s Day Getaway in Johor City Square

People may envy me that I am working in my boyfriend’s company which I may be able to have my own freedom of time.However, behind the scenes we usually stay in office to work till super late and burn our weekends off.

Most of our time spent together is either working in office or working at home.

This year is our third Valentine’s Day together. I started planning for our Valentine’s Day almost a week in advance.

“Valentine’s  Day Staycation, Valentine’s Day Dinner, Valentine’s Day Oversea Getaway” etc etc. I thought of every single activities that a couple would do together for Valentine’s Day.

In the end, we decided on a 2D1N Getaway in Johor, Malaysia. Away from the crowded Singapore where it so hard to get a place to dine without reervation and where everything were marked up for this day.Other then celebrating Valentine’s Day, this was also a getaway trip for us to rest.

It’s Valentine’s Day, how can I not prepare present for my beloved boyfriend.

Before heading to Johor, I made one of his favorite snack, Muah Chee. Did not expect that the dough came up to be in heart shaped. Perfect for the Valentine Day.





 Day 1

Before we embark on the trip, we were expecting a huge crowd travelling into Johor as this was the last weekend before Chinese New Year. We had mentally prepared ourselves to spent  one to two hours waiting for bus and clearing the custom.

To our surprise, there was not much crowd and the whole travelling process was smooth and fast.

We reached Kranji MRT at 10 am and by 1030 am we reached Johor, City Square.

City Square Malaysia

(Img src :

Johor Bahru City Square is the nearest shopping center from Woodlands Custom. Being so, you were able to find lots of Singaporean Shoppers. As for us, we were too lazy to travel to other parts of Johor. Therefore, City Square was the only place we went to for the 2D1N Getaway.

To start the 2D1N Getaway, We had my boyfriend favorite and one of our must eat restaurant in City Square.

It’s no other then “Seoul Garden” !  For those who are wondering why we want to travel to City Square to have Seoul Garden.

Here the reason :

Seoul Garden

As you can see from the price list, the buffet cost only RM $35.99 ++ . Converting to SGD is about $13.85 only. This is almost half price from Singapore.

Time to enjoy our lunch buffet.



After lunch, We checked in to our Hotel. As mention previously, we do not want to keep travelling. Therefore,We booked a Club Room in Citrus Hotel.

Citrus Hotel is located beside City Square and there is a bridge connecting to the shopping mall. Another contributing reason was it was wallet-friendly. We only spent SGD 60 for a club room with breakfast under Agoda.






Here the information for Citrus Hotel Johor Bahru

Website :


I intent to place my boyfriend a second Valentine’s Day surprise into his bag while he was using the toilet. Before I could do so, he started asking me why I never ask for my Valentine’s Day present from him.

I did not expect him to get me anyrhing for Valentine as I knew that he was very busy with the company and does not have time to shop.  I am already very grateful and happy that he agreed to come for the 2D1N Getaway.

He started to ask me to guess what will he buy for me if he got me a present.  My answer was either Swarovski Necklace or Pandora.

Being curious, I went to open his bag and was surprise to see a Swarovski bag inside. I really love the heart shaped rose gold necklace. He was telling me that he remember me liking Rose Gold.

Other then the necklace, he attached a very sweet card for me.  I am really touched by his words and sweetness.

Coming to mine present for him. Sadly, it does not turn out to be a surprise. He managed to guess that I bought the gold Braun Buffel’s Cufflink which he had been eyeing for. I am still glad that he like them.

Shall I say both of us really understand each other too well.





We took an 2 Hrs Traditional Thai Massage at Thai Odyssey after our rest.


We totally enjoyed ourself at Thai Odyssey. The whole session was very relaxing. The massage therapies were really good in their skill and able to identify and focus on our aching muscles. I cant wait for my next massage session  at  Thai Odyssey.

Basically, that ends our first night in Johor Bahru.

Day 2 

Day 2 was relatively short too.

We missed the morning breakfast as we used to have longer hours of sleep. Both of us had been seriously deprived for sleep for the past few months especially my boyfriend. Thanks to the hotel staff who allow us to check out at 1pm.

We had our brunch at Secret Recipe. Thanks to my boyfriend for the suggestion as he know I love their Chocolate Banana Cake. Personally, I felt that their cake taste alot nicer in Malaysia. Their standard of cake for Secret Recipe had dropped.

How I use, I can indulge in more then one slice of cake without gaining weight.


We went to shop around for Chinese New Year’s goodies. As you know there nothing much to shop in City Square and the new shopping mall next to it, we basically going in rounds and rounds.

After the window shopping, we decided to settle our early dinner at Soul Thai. They had newly opened an outlet in City Square.



My boyfriend order a Garlic Chicken Set Meal which come with a Papaya Salad, Pineapple Rice and Tom Yum Soup. We does not really like their pineapple rice. It does not have the pineapple taste and fragrant.

I would prefer to have white rice instead. The Garlic Chicken was delicious especially when my boyfriend love strong flavored food. The TomYam Soup was more toward spicy then sour . I do not recommend it to people who cannot take spiciness.


We ordered their Fish Bites from Kid Menu. We was shock at the serving of the Fish Bites as it was huge. We do not think a kid could finished them. It more to kid friendly food in adult serving.

I love their Fish Bites, it so crunchy on the outside and tender inside. I definitely will go back for it.


We order Shrimp Omelette and Green Curry too. We felt that the Green Curry will be nicer if it is slightly sweeter. We do not recommend the dish for people who cannot take spicy food. As you can see from the photos, their food serving was huge. We seriously regret ordering so much food.

” Note : If you are to dine in the restaurant, we recommend you to have their coconut juice instead of other beverages. We felt that it is tasteless and basically like drinking plain water. ”

We really love eating in Johor as the food were given a bigger serving and cheap. Total damage for this meal was around $30 SGD including 4 beverages.

After the meal, We decided to head home as there nothing much to shop.



Lastly, I know we do quarrel and fight over work and my nonsense. Even though, I made you super angry, you still will be the first one who calm your self down and comfort me in the end.

 I really appericiate everything you had done for me and our future. I know this road that we are on right now is not a easy and smooth one. There a lot of obstacles and reality had made us helpless sometime.

  Thank You for being there by my side guiding me in both work and life . I love You

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