About Elgenahearts


Annyeong Haseyo ~

I am Elgena, the editor as well as the owner of this blog, Elgenahearts.

I started blogging 7 years ago where I used the platform as my online dairy. With the encouragement from my boyfriend, I started Elgenahearts, a lifestyle blog in 2013.

I named my blog “Elgenahearts” as I blog and share from the bottom of my heart.

I had been staying on this little red dot for 27 years. I believe everyone had complained before that Singapore is a boring and expensive country to be in.

Through Elgenahearts, I hope to discover and share more amazing places where people can dine, chill and spend the weekend with their love ones.

In Elgenahearts, you will also be able to find great saving lobangs that may suit your needs.

Due to my love for baking, I will occasionally post up recipes of my bakes as I strongly believe in sharing.

In order to let you understand me and my blog better, Here’s 10 Fun Facts about Me :

 1. I am currently working and helping my boyfriend with his company. I will usually joke with my friends that I work as a cleaner auntie as I does all the cleaning in my office.

2. I am a Hello Kitty fan. For all the  Hello Kitty’s merchandise which I bought or given to me by my friends, I don’t use them not even a tissue pack.

3. Even though, I am a Hello Kitty lover, I am scare of cats. Please don’t let any cats come near me. FYI : Hello Kitty is not a cat. hehex

4. My whole family are vegetarian except for me. I love food too much to be a Vegetarian. This is also the reason why my cooking recipe are all vegetarian.

5. I will eat up all my bakes instead of throwing away if it turn out as a fail product.

6. I am dieting 365 days for 27 years but never seem to slim down permanently. Any one kind enough to sponsor me for slimming sessions?

7. I only take selfie. I don’t like to take portrait photos as I look fat and funny in the photo. I wonder how my wedding photo shoot will turn out in the future.

8. I cannot leave my house without my cardigan if I am wearing dress. I need to cover up my fat and flabby arms.

9. I am a very lazy person coming to skin care. Regardless how hard I try, I can never stick by my full daily skincare routine.

10. I will make sure the items that I am buying is worth the amount I spent or is on huge discount. If not, you only will see me window shopping.

Lastly, if you have any amazing places , offers, events that happening on this little red dot to share with me or for my readers.

Feel free to email me at Elgenahearts@gmail.com or drop me a message at my contact page.